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Fishing Reports ~ Lake of the Woods

                                               Provided by Pete and Terri



Fall Reports

October 20, 2014: Happy Birthday Matt Grimlie!! Super fantastic walleye bite this weekend for all! Lots of people fishing and fish being caught all over the south shore. All groups went home with their limits and many slot fish caught also. Todd's group did well at Light house Gap in shallow, fishing 14 feet of water, and they had nice fish. Corey's group also did well. Craig, Sherry, Cindy and Gary had a good time fishing with Brian each day. They caught lots of fish and had a great time. Craig's group did well fishing in 21' off of Zippel Bay, anchored and jigging. Metallic gold and silver were the best colors. They limited on walleyes and saugers and David released a 25" walleye. Way to go David!! Jim's group also caught lots of fish. Pete and Terri just returned form a week of pheasant hunting in North Dakota. There were lots of birds and easy to get your limit each day. The weather was sunny and warm, almost too warm. Only one windy day that was tough hunting with wind gusting to 55 mph. It was a great trip!!

October 12, 2014: Finally some nice weather for the weekend after a week of rain, wind and cool temps. Brian took out Jose', Kathy and Bill (his grandparents) anchoring in front of Pine Island and jigging. They had a good day with many boats fishing nearby. They caught their limits of walleyes and saugers and Kathy also caught a perch. No slots today. Yesterday Brian, Ryan & Cody fished in 20' of water and did  very well in front of Pine using frozen shiners. It as a bit wavy with a south wind but not cold at all. They caught their limits of walleyes and were just one sauger shy. Each guy threw back a slot fish too. Chuck, Terry & Duane had a tough week fishing the river mostly due to high winds. Friday was finally a better day and the bite turned on in the river and also out at Light house Gap. They caught their limits today plus one pike. Chuck caught his biggest walleye measuring 28 1/4". He kept the fish. Way to go Chuck!! They fished in 17' and 20' of water using frozen shiners and anchoring. Terri & Pete fished a couple of hours this afternoon and caught around 30 fish, keeping 4 nice walleyes/saugers. The fish were snapping pretty good today. It was nice to get bac k on the water and feel the warm sun! Lots of boats on the water. Ted, Alexandra and Christopher went grouse hunting and got one bird with their dog Louie.

October 6, 2014: It's been cold and windy here since Friday morning. 40 mph gusting winds and some rain. Chuck, Duane & Terry are here from Iowa and trying to get out fishing but lake is way too rough. Some are fishing the river. Water is dirty on river and lake. Robby has been having some good success with duck hunting the past few days. He has shot a widgeon, a few buffleheads, redheads, a canvasback and a mallard. Lots of ducks flying over. Pete and Ronny are working on putting new bombardier tracks on machines and repairing fish houses, getting ready for ice fishing!

October 5, 2014: Brian, Troy & Chris tried fishing the river today as the lake was too rough. They had a slow day and very cold. Troy caught 1 pike, 1 perch and 1 walleye. Steve, Mike & MacKenzie went grouse hunting today and got 1 bird. They also fished the bay and caught 2 pike. Pete and Rod went grouse hunting today and they each got one bird.

October 2, 2014: Pete, Terri & Brian went out fishing this evening leaving the dock at 6pm for about an hour of fishing. There were around 20 boats out there and we figurured we better go out after hearing the weather forecast for tomorrow. Looks like this is our last nice day. We fished out front of Morris Gap but the bite was very slow. We had 3 bites and caught 3 fish, keeping one. We were forced to come in as it was getting dark. Crystal and Scott were also out there fishing after they went to Pine Island and picked wild grapes to make some homemade wine. They got one keeper walleye.

September 29, 2014: Ed, Heather, Diane & Lowell spent a few days fishing. They had a good day catching 50 fish but keeping only 3. They also released 22" and 20 1/2" walleyes. They also caught perch, pike and two 11" crappies in 19 1/2 ' of water. They biggest keeper walleye measured 19".


10 year old Ethan's 30 1/4" walleye - kept

Ross Hedin with 28" walleye - released

Neil Hedin with 24 1/2" walleye - relesaed

Reed Hedin with 24 1/2" walleye - released

Becky holding two nice keepers

Gale with 2 nice keeper walleyes (both 19")

Jim Long holding 25" walleye - released

Brian with 29 3/4" walleye and Camreon with 30 1/2" walleye

Troy with a nice keeper - downrigging

Nobbe group with their catch of the day!

From left Rusty, Jeff, Greg, Joe & Jake - other Jake was showering!

Rusty (right) with his 29 1/2" walleye - released

Joe holding 26" walleye - released

Greg holding 22" walleye- released

Drew (8 yrs old) with his 29" walleye - released

Kent holding 30 1/2" walleye (released)

Jean with 28 1/2" walleye (released)

Chris's 23 1/2" walleye (released)

Jenny Johnson caught 56" sturgeon while fishing with Jesse (center) and her son Waylon and daughter Ella (not pictured)

Matt with his 30" walleye - released

Ken holding his 29" walleye - released

Cody Fischbach with his 60" sturgeon!

Randy with 29 1/2" walleye - released

September 22, 2014: Brian, Greg, Dale, Harry & Steve went out for about an hour this evening and fished out front of Pine Island. They kept 2 fish and put back some small ones.

September 21, 2014: Pete, Terri & Brian fished for about 3 hours in front of the Morris Gap but no bites so we moved over in front of Pine Island and then started getting some bites. We kept 8 walleye/saugers measuring 13-16" and also put back lots and lots of small fish. Terri released a 25" walleye. Paul was fishing alongside of us and he caught his limit. Matt was also fishing along side of us and he had 2 fish when we left. Went berry picking today and picked a bunch of wild grapes to make jelly. Warmer temps finally and sunshine!! Yeah!!! The tree leaves are changing rapidly and are very pretty this year. Pete and Jiggs went hunting for an hour this morning and got a grouse. Happy Anniversary - 23 years- Scot & Tanya!! Scot, Tanya, Todd & Patrick had excellent fishing across the lake near Garden Island anchored and jigging with frozen shiners anywhere from 19' to 29 feet of water. They caught their limits of nice walleyes and saugers and put back lots of slots. Patrick caught a 27" walleye for the biggest fish of the day. Way to go Pat!!!

September 15, 2014: Mike & Kim boarded the charter boat with Pete and had a good day of fishing right out in front of Pine Island in 16' of water. They anchored and jigged with frozen shiners. They caught their limits of both walleyes and saugers and also put back 20 1/2" and 20" walleyes. Kim caught and released an 11" crappie and she also put back a 32" pike. Way to go Kim!! Maury, Scott & Linda fished the river today and did very well catching their limits of saugers plus they caught 9 nice crappies! Never heard of anyone getting that many in one day!! They had a fun day. Scot, Todd, Tanya and Pat fished and did well getting some nice fish across the lake up near Garden Island. They said it was rough though. It has been windy here all week and cool temps. What happened to summer anyway? Sure didn't see much of a summer here this year. Pete, Tyler, Chris, Jim, Mark & Kevin fished the south shore of the lake Saturday as it was too windy to head north. They had a slow day but did bring in 12 keepers. Robb and Nicole caught their limit of walleyes and saugers in 18' of water off of Pine Island. Nicole released a 26 1/2" walleye which she caught right away. Way to go Nicole! Time to pick wild grapes and make some jelly! Made apple jelly today.

September 13, 2014: Frost on the rooftops this morning - got pretty cold last night. Blueberry picking is done and the tree leaves are changing color and starting to fall already. Has been kind of chilly here for the past week or so. Not much for customers since school has started. The lake level has dropped dramatically; at least 2 feet. No more worrying about flooding for now. Grouse season opens today. Haven'[t seen too many though this year. Lots of geese flying over every evening. We have a few cabins in camp this weekend. Strong south winds today gusting to 25 MPH with high around 60 degrees. Brian is chartering a group out of Sunset Lodge on Oak Island for the weekend. He called to report they did very well yesterday near Norman Island and off of Rabbit ears. They got their limits of nice 17-19" walleyes while anchored and jigging with shiners and his boat got the big fish of the day. They have a large group fishing on 6 boats. They did a shore lunch back at the resort and go out today again. Too rough for crossing the lake and fishing the islands today. Brian called this morning to report the waves were 4-5 footers out of the west so Pete opted to stay on this side of the lake.

September 8, 2014: Pete, Terri, Dennis, Gale, Judy, Skeeter, Kathy and Robert headed across the lake to do some bait fishing and then have lunch at Oak Island. We headed across with a south wind and rode some pretty big waves; around 6 footers. We tucked in behind Garden Island out of the wind and caught around 6 keepers with spinner rigs and crawlers. Then the bite died down and we switched to downrigging which produced more fish, but lots of small ones too. We headed to the island for lunch and then had the long ride back against the waves. Took us 2 hours to get back. We ended up with 14 keepers in the box. Skeeter caught the biggest walleye which measured 20 inches. He also caught the first fish of the day! Way to go Skeeter!! Everyone had a good time. Brian fished the southwest end of the lake near Zippel taking out Walter's group. They had an excellent day fishing only til 2pm and coming in with their limits plus putting back some big fish. Kevin also did well in the asme area today. They also fished yesterday but it was slower- they had enough for a fish fry.

September 1, 2014: Very windy out of the north today so not much fishing going on. Terri, Tim & April headed south in the car to do some exploring in the Beltrami Island State Forest. We took along our metal detectors hoping to find some treasures today. We drove all the way to Trapper Petes location and did some detecting there but only found shotgun shell cartridges, flattened pop cans and a sardine can. Then we went for a drive thru the Norris Campground, the old school and the Norris CCC camp. We were surprised to see all the buildings are still standing and in good condition. Very interesting and fun day.

August 31, 2014: Pete ran charter boat taking out the CrossRoads Ag group from Iowa. Mike, Jay, Joel, Nick, Greg and Ben had fun fishing a half day today and a full day on Saturday. They kept 20 very nice walleyes the full day and today it was rainy, windy, rough and fish not biting well with the cold front that moved in. They kept 2 saugers. Brian ran charter for the Woodford/Thompson group on Saturday fishing over near Long Point using live bait. They kept 6 fish and released a 24" walleye. Jesse, John, Tanner and Jeff fished north of Garden Island and did well and they also went toSunset Lodge on Oak Island for lunch. Jesse, Kelli, Cassie, John, Tanner, Jeff, Lisa and Nicole had a fun weekend. Jeff released 22" and 24" walleyes and they kept 12 fish Sunday evening fishing straight out in 26 feet of water. Tracy and Cindy did well downrigging right out front in 30 ft of water. They got their limit of walleyes in 4 hours, all measuring 15-19" using Purpledescent. Happy Anniversary to you two!! John and Kelly fished  and did well. They got their fish and also put back 24" and 26 1/2" walleyes. John landed a 40" sturgeon and had fun battling it.The boys Johnnie and Tanner fished from the dock on Friday and caught 20 perch and 1 small walleye. Way to go kids!!

August 28, 2014: Pete, Terri, Gale, Dennis, Sherry, Merlin, Sharon & Rolland went fishing today north of Garden Island using spinner rigs with crawlers. The bite was slower than it ahs been but we still got fish. The group kept 19 walleyes for 4 hours of fishing. They headed up to Oak Island to Sunset Lodge for Sharon's Birthday luncheon and then headed back to the resort. Everyone had a fun day.  

August 23, 2014: Nice weather this weekend, not too hot, just right but some wind at times. Brad, Billy, David and his two young sons Ethan and Tyson were here for a few days fishing. They had motor problems on Friday so stayed on shore waiting for the marina to fix their motor. Saturday they had a good time launching their boat out of Long Point and fishing just off  that area. They bobber fished and did well keeping 9 fish. 10 yr old Ethan landed a very nice huge walleye he caught on a pink hook with a leech. It measured 30 1/4" and went right to the taxidermist! Way to go Ethan!! He had a good fight getting that big walleye into the boat. They ended up keeping a total of 24 fish for the group and had a fun weekend. Shane, Dave, Joel and Dave fished Friday off of Long Point and kept 9 fish. Dave (Red) released a 25 1/2" walleye. Way to go Red!!  Saturday they boarded the charter boat with Pete and went across the lake fishing north of Garden Island. They bait fished first and then switched to downrigging in the afternoon which worked better, getting them the fish they needed. No slots caught but they did well bringing in their limits of nice fish. Only the two groups in camp this week. Busy weekend in Baudette with "Pay it Forward" event for the veterans, who all went charter fishing for 2 days and were entertained each night on Main St with blues performers, beer gardens, walleye fry and Crazy Days going on. Still some blueberries to pick but they are on the "down" side.

August 16, 2014: Great bite still on up in the islands. Pete, Brian, Walter & Paul tried fishing the south end of the lake starting at Lighthouse Gap straight out in 28' of water baitfishing. No bites there so they moved up to Knight Island and tried that. Pete caught a few and Brian got one, then nothing so they moved again. This time they headed north of Garden Island and got the downriggers working. The bite was on with them finishing out the day getting their limits of walleyes and saugers. They released a 26" walleye and a couple of 20". Chuck and Linda have been here fishing for a week on the south shore and have had slow fishing using frozen shiners and also crawlers. They mostly fished near Lighthouse Gap and behind Pine Island on the windy days. Wednesday they had a good start getting 19",18" and 15" walleyes right away and then the bite stopped. They spent a lot of hours on the water and ended up with around 6-7 keepers. They caught lots of small fish. Craig, Donna, Andrea, Justin G., Callie, Brendan and Justin R downrigged this weekend and caught lots of fish but mostly throw backs. Callie released 23" and 24 1/2" walleyes and her brother Brendan released a 22" walleye. Friday Craig, Jay, Steve and Justin went out and fished off the southwest end of Garden Island downrigging. They caught 19 fish and kept 3; the rest too small or too big.They released three 22"s, 25" , 26" and 28" walleyes! Way to go guys!! Deb, Steve, Kristine, Jay & Zac and Blake caught some fish and the boys got to reel some in. The three boys spent a lot of time catching frogs. It was very windy today so smaller boats stayed at the dock. Jose' and his two partners fished around Pine Island and Lighthouse Gap pulling lures. They caught one walleye measuring 26". 

August 14, 2014: Bob, Tom & Gary went out fishing with Brian. They had a good time and went home with their limits of walleyes after fishing up near Four Block with crawlers.  

August 11, 2014: Very windy today out of the north so most charter trips were cancelled. Yesterday started out with heavy rain and thunderstorms giving us 1and 3/10" rain and some received up to 4" depending on where they live. No charter trips as it rained til noon or so.

August 9, 2014: Pete took out Melissa, Jamie, Dave, Jay, Jim, and Sandy for 2 days of charter fishing up in the islands north of Garden Island. They did well both days getting on nice walleyes using crawlers on spinner rigs.They kept really nice fish measuring 15-19" Dave released a 22" walleye, Jay released 21" walleye and Jim released a 21 1/2" walleye. Way to go guys!! They had nice weather with lots of sunshine and two awesome days of fishing. Jesse, Kelli, Johnny, Connor, Cassie & Brooke spent the weekend fishing and did well on Friday afternoon getting their limits with spinners and crawlers. They had a fun weekend. Wayne, Julie, Preston and Shane spent a few days on the lake fishing around Pine Island and at Lighthouse Gap. They  fished with frozen shiners and did well getting close to their limits. Wayne caught a 15" sturgeon and he also put back a 23 1/2" walleye. Shane released a 21" walleye. Way to go guys!! Julie, Shane, Preston and Terri went blueberry picking at Zippel Bay State Park. They picked for a couple of hours and came back with pails full of beautiful berries! Shane say's he can't wait to make pancakes.

August 6, 2014: Pete, Terri, Sharon, Roland, Kevin, Becky, Dennis & Gale went on the charter boat for a day of fishing and also a trip to Oak Island for lunch. We headed north of Garden Island and bait fished with spinner rigs and crawlers and started catching fish immediately. Becky has never been walleye fishing and she caught the first fish of the day which was a keeper and she proceeded to catch her limit very quickly. Everyone caught lots of fish and we had 30 walleyes in the box by noon, then headed to Oak Island for some lunch. After lunch we fished another 30 minutes or so to get our last two fish and headed in. We had all our walleyes plus one sauger. Gale released a 20" walleye and all her keepers were right around 19" and were just beautiful fish. Pete released a 21" walleye. What an awesome day!! Suny and light to hardly any wind today.

August 2, 2014: Brian ran a charter for Cyrus Resort taking out 4 guys. They had a good day of fishing coming in with their limits of walleyes and also putting back some big fish. The winds really picked up in the late afternoon and it started raining so they came in. Only got 2/10ths of an inch. No one else in camp this weekend. Pretty quiet around here for a few days. Everyone is getting lots of blueberries right now. Lake level has remained the same and no rain for another few days!

August 1, 2014: Pete took Neil, Ross and Reed fishing the past 2 days. They bait fished and tried quite a few different spots on the lake, getting a few keepers at each one. They caught some nice keepers and went home with limits of both saugers and walleyes and also ate fish. They caught 50-55 fish on Thursday and another 70 fish today. Neil released two 24 1/2" walleyes, Ross released a 28" walleye and Reed released two 24 1/2" walleyes! Way to go guys!! They enjoyed good weather while fishing. Brian, Dale & Greg went out today and did very well seeking out trophy walleyes. After anchoring on Lemm's Rock pile Greg caught the first walleye which measured 27 1/2" followed by a 25" walleye! Dale released a 26" walleye and Brian released a 29 1/2" walleye! Way to go guys! They said they have never had so much fun catching so many big walleyes jigging with frozen shiners.

July 31, 2014: Pete took out Brent and Mary for 2 sunny days of fishing. They had a good time bait fishing and did well. The first day out was very slow and they stayed out all day.  The second day was a better bite but the wind picked up and Mary wasn't feeling well so they came in around 1:30. Mary released 21" and 23" walleyes and Brent released a 22" walleye. Way to go! They had a fun vacation.

July 26, 2014: We had a group this past weekend go out fishing for a bachelor's party. Pete took out Jeremy (the bachelor), Spencer, Tim, Donny and John for 2 days. They had some pretty good fishing with the group catching lots of nice walleyes and some saugers. They put back some slot fish too. Brian took out the remainder of the group which included Matt, Jerry, Tom & Pierce. Both groups did well having a fish fry and taking home their limits of walleyes plus their saugers. Pierce landed two big walleyes just 5 minutes apart the first day. He released 29" and 30" walleyes! Way to go Pierce!! Jerry released 20" walleye, Tom released 27" walleye and Brian released 24" and 25" walleyes. Way to catch 'em you guys!! Everyone had a fun weekend and the weather was very cooperative. Blueberry picking in full swing with lots to pick. 

July 23, 2014: Beautiful day on the water with light winds and lots of sunshine. Pete, Terri, Jim and Jessica went out for the morning and did some bait fishing first, catching some walleyes and saugers on crawler rigs and also on frozen shiners. We put 4-5 in the box and then switched to downrigging going out deeper where we got into the big walleyes with Jim landing a 25" walleye followed by a 23" walleye. Terri released a 23" walleye she caught on a shiner. We did get some more nice keepers and were back in by 2pm. with 8 keepers in the box. It sure was a nice day out there. Jim, Jim, Eric & John have been fishing off of Long Point and have found a hot spot where they are getting some really nice keepers and throw backs while anchoring and jigging with shiners and a plain lead head jig. They are keeping nice 19" fish and have released lots of slots including 19 3/4", 22", 23 1/4", etc. They have caught their limits and are eating lots of fish. It is blueberry picking time!! Bring the bug spray - lots of mosquitoes!!

July 19, 2014: Been a little quiet here for the past few days. Brian ran a charter trip taking out Jake, Brittany, Dan and Dani. They bait fished off of Pine Island and came in with 12 keepers and they put back a few slots in the 20" range. Pete, Terri, Steve, Scott & Helen bait fished in front of Pine Island and did well keeping 18 walleye/saugers including one nice smallmouth bass. Pete put back a 24" walleye. Scott released a 25" walleye. Way to go Scott! Lots of boats on the water today.

July 17, 2014: Pete, Terri, Brian, Troy, Blake & Camreon went out today and tried some downrigging. We did pretty well getting some nice fish and putting back some big ones too. We kept 8 keepers and were back in by 2pm.

July 16, 2014: Brian has his 3 sons here and they are having a blast catching some really super walleyes. B4rian caught a 29 3/4" walleye today and his 13 yr old son Camreon caught a beautiful 30 1/2" walleye. Both fish went to the taxidermy. What a day for them! They also put back lots of slots releasing 7-8 walleyes measuring 25-26" and they kept enough for a big meal. Troy caught a jumbo perch. They had a blast anchored and jigging with frozen shiners. Pete ran a charter today taking out a group of 4 and also doing a shorelunch on Garden Island. They caught 21 keeper walleyes today and 4 saugers. They also released over 10 slot walleyes.

July 12, 2014: A spectacular day of walleye fishing for Pete's charter group. Jeff, Greg, Rusty, Jake, Joe and Jake 2.0 (whatever that means) went fishing with Pete off the west end of Garden Island using the downriggers for the first time this summer. They caught walleyes measuring 15-19" and also put back many slot fish. They also caught their saugers and they were big ones. Rusty caught the largest walleye measuring 29 1/2" (released). Way to go Rusty!! Brian ran a charter trip for the Wigwam taking out Tom, Brian, Kelly, Casey and Daryl. They bait fished and did well bringing in 6 saugers and 16 walleyes. They also put back lots of slot fish and said they had a great time. The wind picked up this afternoon and the waves were pretty big out of the west. Scot, Todd, Tonya, Patrick, Kedrick and LouAnne had some fun fishing and caught lots of nice fish including lots of 19" walleyes and lots of nice saugers. They released lots of 26" walleyes and many 20-21" walleyes. They downrigged the west end of Garden Island, Stony Point, Long Point and near Zippel. LouAnne kept a 28 1/2" walleye for mounting. Way to go LouAnne!!

July 11, 2014: Pete took out Mark and Jim (brothers) for a couple of days of charter fishing using bait. Jeff also went along for one day. They did very well getting their limits of some nice walleyes and also some saugers. They released many slot fish and had a great time. They had beautiful weather.

July 6, 2014: Very windy out of the northwest today with big waves. Pete, Howard, Jana and Brian went on the boat for about 4 hours. They fished out front and had a slow bite, saying it was pretty rough. They brought in 6 nice keepers. They used crawlers again. Scott, Tonya, Todd and Pat went across the lake downrigging near Garden Island. They did very well in 26' of water, keeping their limits and putting back 4 slot fish. They also caught one jumbo perch and a 30" pike theyreleased. Rick, Amy, Brian and the kids had a great weekend catching lots of fish using crawlers mostly. Jesse & Kelli and the kids had a fun weekend. They caught enough fish for a meal and went to the fireworks, which were awesome again this year.

July 5, 2014: Pete, Terri, Jana & Howard went out  for a half day fishing near the Lighthouse Gap. We drifted with spinner baits and crawlers, leeches and frozen shiners. Crawlers worked best but the bite was tough. We came back in with 7 keepers. Must have been hundreds of boats from Lighthouse Gap to Morris Gap. Brian, Sue, Andrew, Ryan, Erika and Taylor fished a few hours before heading home. They had a good trip and caught lots of fish. They had limits for all of them and released some slots. Taylor released a 33" pike. Erika released 25" walleye, Andrew released 21" walleye and Ryan released 25 1/2" and 26". Very hot and humid today with south winds. 

July 4, 2014: Pete chartered today taking out Kevin, Jose', Sam, Mark, Sam & Dave. They did pretty well coming in to the dock with 20 keepers and each person catching a nice slot fish using bait. Scott, Crystal, Chris, Sam and Nick went out and caught some fish keeping 6. Eain's family went out and had a fun day swimming and fishing. They kept a pile of fish. Jesse and his family also went out and got a bunch of fish.


July 2, 2014: Happy Birthday Sherry Johnson!! Even with high water and all the rain the fish are still biting. Scott, Crystal, Sherry, Nick & Jake went out at 4pm and fished 3 hours, coming back in with 19 keepers. They had a pretty steady bite and said they put back slots and little fish going through 3 bags of frozen shiners and then using crawlers; both worked. Gold, orange and green jigs were used while anchored in 14' of water. Nick released a 22" walleye, Sherry released a 21" walleye and Crystal released a 24 1/2" walleye. Way to go!!! Brian, Susan, Ryan, Taylor and Erika fished today and did well catching some fish and bringing in 8 keepers. They fished in front of Pine, along Long Point and then back to Pine. They released 26" and 27 3/4" walleyes while pulling spinner rigs. Way to go!! We had northwest winds Tuesday night that brought the water level up so that water was all the way to our fish cleaning shack. Luckily the wind died down by morning on Wed and the water receded back enough so that 2 feet of cement on the boat ramp was exposed. The water level rose so fast it was to the bottoms of our docks. Pete saw a mother robin with a worm in her mouth that was trying to get a worm under the dock. To his discovery there was a baby robin squeaking from under the boards so he removed two boards and got the boby out from under there. The baby bird flew up to the nearest tree where it was joined by it's mother and father. They were all squawking and very happy. Please remember to navigate slowly through all bays, rivers, etc. Docks are being destroyed by the high water levels and waves.

June 29, 2014: Pete ran charter taking out Rich, Ryp, Charles, Pat, Jason & Terry. They fished a half day today and finished off their limits. They also fished yesterday and caught very nice fish but got nicer fish today. They kept 23 fish the first day out, needing one more fish but a storm was approaching so they came into the resort and had a fish fry. They threw back lots of slot fish both days. Jason released a 26" walleye. Way to go Jason!!

June 26, 2014: Fantastic bite right now in front of Pine Island in 8-11' of water! Pete ran a charter taking out Ted, Tom, John & Ryan. They used spinner rigs with crawlers and/or leeches and had a fast bite, bringing in fish after fish plus putting back many slot walleyes. They had their limits after 2 hours of fishing and then headed out deeper to see if they could get some saugers. They were back to the docks by noon. They had a great time. Terry, Zona, Gloria & Scott also fished the same area and did well getting some nice fish and limiting on walleyes. Larry, Kurt, Kris & Jeff spent a couple of days on the lake and did well at Lighthouse Gap getting their limits. Kurt released 5 slot fish and Kris released 4 slots with the largest measuring 25". They used gold spinner blades with crawlers. Jim & Dean fished a couple of dayaa d they also did well getting lots of fishLadyslippers are in full bloom right now and they are pretty! Lake level has remained at the same height. Our permanent docks near the boat ramp are still above water by about 8 inches. The floating docks are still okay to use. One of them broke free the other day and we had to retrieve it and tie it up. We have had light south and eastern winds lately which are moving the debris away from the southern shore. The older dock behind cabin #1 is under water. Sheriff Fish has declared an "emergency no wake" for any boats within 150 feet of shorelines. Please navigate slowly through docking areas. Many docks on the river are now under water and they are getting slippery.

June 25, 2014: Pete ran charter boat for Morris Point Resort taking out a group of 5. They fished in 8-11 feet of water in front of Pine Island and did well getting their limits of walleyes plus one sauger.  

June 24, 2014: Eain and his family went out today and did really well. They kept 17 fish and threw back 12 little ones. They had a great time fishing. Scott, Gloria, Zona and Terry were out today. Scott and Gloria did well getting their limits fishing near Zippel. Terry and Zona kept 6 fish plus they released 3 slot fish. Terry relased a 27" walleye! Way to go Terry!!  

June 22, 2014: Pete did a second day of fishing with the same crew as yesterday; Mike, Ed, Art, Dave, Lonny & Dave. They needed 12 more walleyes plus their saugers today. They had a fish fry last night. It was slower today and they had to travel farther to get them. They caught around 20 slot walleyes and brought in their 12 keeper walleyes plus 9 saugers. Yesterday they fished near Long Point ending up in 32' of water to get nice keeper walleyes and some nice saugers. Brian did a half day morning charter taking out Chris and his two children; Tabitha and Griffin. They have never fished before and really enjoyed the experience. They caught quite a few fish and came back to the dock with 6 walleyes and 6 saugers - all very nice size. Chris released 21" and 22" walleyes and Brian released 23" and 28" walleyes. Way to go guys!! Jessie, Jenny, Chrissy and Jason fished the evening and did really well getting some great fish. Ross, Darren & Dave spent the weekend fishing and did very well. They tried several spots including west end of Garden Island and also Little Oak. They used crawlers with spinners getting their limits and throwing back lots of small fish and also put back some slots in the 24-25" range. It was a beautiful weekend with sunny skies and light winds. We did have a short thunderstorm Saturday evening. Lake water level rose this week but we are still good here at the resort. No flooding.

June 20, 2014:  Today Steve, Abby & Drew boarded the charter boat for a second day of fishing along with Jose. The first 8 fish they caught were all too big to keep while fishing Long Point area. They had lots of fish in the 20-24" range. They used leeches and frozen shiners were the best. Abby released a 24" walleye and Drew released a 29" walleye. Way to go kids!! They came in with 15 keepers. Kelli and Traylen fished out of Zippel and Long Point and had a slow day. Traylen released a 34" pike and Kelly released a 12" pike and also a 24 1/2" walleye. Way to go you two!! Yesterday Pete ran charter taking out Richard, Lynn, Steve, Abby and Drew. It was a slower bite today and they fished all day coming in with 14 keepers. They caught many slot walleyes with the largest measuring 24".

June 18, 2014: Very windy today again. Traylen and Kelli fished near Zippel along with around 10 other boats. They said only one boat was catching fish. They came back with no fish. Indian Mocassin flowers are blooming right now and so are the water irises. More rain on the way. Lake level is getting higher each day and have been told it will rise another 6-8 inches this week.

June 16, 2014: Pete ran a charter today taking out Dennis, Jerry, Casey and Harley. They worked hard for their fish trying the Zippel Bay area and then north towards Long Point. Got a few in the box there and then headed across and north. They caught lots of slot fish with Jerry releasing a 26", Casey released two 26", Harley released 24" and 24 1/2" walleyes and Pete put back a few also. They came in with 18 walleye/saugers plus one jumbo perch.

June 15, 2014: No fishing today- has been raining steady all day and very windy.

June 14, 2014: Very windy today and lots of big waves on the lake. Pete ran a charter trip for the Wigwam Resort taking out 6 people. He headed across the lake and fished near Bridges out of the wind with Capt Tom and Capt Mike. They caught very nice fish and released around 30 slot fish today, having a spectacular bite. At least 8 foot waves out of the east today. Traylen went out this evening alone and trolled, getting one 19" walleye and 3 more smaller ones while fishing near Pine Island. The Hasch family spent a week at the Retreat having a great time. Gary, Nick, Devin, Tyler and Taylor went across the lake and fished in front of Garden Island and off the west end. They had a fantastic bite and limited on super nice walleyes. They also released slots measuring 22", 24" 24 1/2" and two 26". Way to Go!! Tyler caught a nice 13 1/2" perch and aGary caught a 13" perch. Arnie caught  a nice 40" pike. Darlene caught her limit this trip and she doesn't even hardly fish! Monica also caught her limit. They had a good time and all caught fish. Ken, Nick, Howie, Rick, Jim and Roger caught lots of fish and everyone got a slot fish. Jim released 21's and 22's. Howie released 24" and 25" walleyes and Ken released 24" and 26 1/2" walleyes. Way to go Guys! They fished Knight and Bridges. Steve, Jeff, Doug & Mike caught lots of small fish and some keepers, having one fish fry. It was rainy for most of their stay and windy. Steve released a 28" walleye, Jeff released a 28" walleye and several 24's. Doug caught all keepers in the 16-18" range and Mike released a 19 3/4" walleye. Brian, Kevin, Chad, Charlie & Cody fished in the wind just north of Pine Island along with about 10 more charter boats. They had a slow bite all day  keeping 5. They put back lots of tiny fish. No slot fish caught on their boat today.

June 13, 2014: Pete started out the day with some bad luck, hitting a log in the bay on his way out, but still able to run the boat for the day. Pete, Charlie, Cody, Chad, Kevin & Brian had a good day keeping 18 walleyes using spinner rigs with crawlers and leeches. Lots of slots released with Pete putting back 20 1/2", 21" and 22" walleyes, Charlie released 6 slot fish in the 23" and 24" range, Cody released 21", 23" and 24", Chad released a 22", Kevin released 22" and 24" walleyes and Brian released 22" and 23" walleyes. Chad struggled thru the day with his spinner rigs. Cody caught his 4 keepers and Pete got his keepers and the rest of the group all put some in the box too. Pete pulled the boat out that evening and put on a differrent prop. Lots of logs floating out on the lake and the river. Water levels are very high and are supposed to rise another 12-15" by Tuesday due to all the rain.

June 10, 2014: The Hasch family is here for a week and are catching lots of fish. George released a 37" pike, Taylor released a 33" pike and they got a couple of walleyes. Devin caught a nice jumbo perch measuring 13 1/2" that he is getting mounted. Tyler, Devin & Taylor got some nice walleyes measuring 17", 19" and 19 1/4". They have also caught 3 smallmouth bass at 15" and 17". George got a 35" pike! Braysen is 5 yrs old and has caught a few fish also. Pete ran a charter today taking out Kent, Jean, Caroline & Chris for a half day. They had a slow day and kept only 3 walleyes. Yesterday Pete took out the same 4 along with Randy and Archie. They kept 14 walleye plus 2 jumbo perch and released some slots including 23's and 24's. Chris released a 23 1/2" walleye, Kent released a 30 1/2" walleye and his wife Jean released a 28 1/2" walleye. Way to go you guys!! This was a first time for the group and they had a great trip!

June 7, 2014: Pete ran a charter today for Wheeler's Point Resort taking out 5 people. They anchored jigging with frozen shiners til they were gone, then leeches and crawlers. They came in just one fish short on their limit of walleyes and put back 7 slot fish with the largest measuring around 29 1/2" to 30" caught by Pete and released it. They also put back lots of saugers and walleyes. Brian ran a charter taking a group of 6 from Bayview Resort. They fished off of Long Point and did well getting some nice sized walleyes in the 15-19" range, keeping 17. They put back quite a few slot fish with the largest measuring 28".  Jim, Gary, Kevin & Troy fished the past few days and did well getting their limits but said it was hard to get the 1618" walleyes. They ate fish too. and put back lots of little fish. They released 24", 27" and 28" walleyes while using frozen shiners. Jack, Randy & Charlie fished a few days and did very well, trying a few different spots. Wednesday they caught their limits using frozen shiners off the 12 footer. Charlie released a 23 1/2" walleye, Randy released 23 1/4", 23" and 25" walleyes in 26-32 feet of water. They kept nice fish and said they caught saugers in the deeper water. Jack did well in the evening with an orange/yellow jointed rap in 8 feet of water. Thursday they fished the 12 footer catching a dozen slot fish with Jack releasing 6 walleyes with four measuring 24", Randy released five slot fish with his largest measuring 25 1/2" and Charlie released one slot fish.They moved to find some keeper walleyes. They fished in front of Garden Island on Friday and and caught anotehr 15 slot walleyes. Randy caught the biggest measuring 26 1/2". They ate lots of fish while here and had a fun time. Pete ran a charter taking out Al, Joyce, Mark & Ron and Brian. They had a beautiful day with sunny skies and a light breeze, fishing off of Long Point and did very well getting some nice fish and catching 6-7 slot fish. They kept 5 jumbo perch and Ron kept a 20" pike. They kept some walleyes to replace what they had eaten the day before. A loon visited them, swimming near the boat and underneath it and even trying to steal their baits. Mark and Ron fished in the rain on Friday and kept one 28" pike. They already have all their walleyes and saugers to take home. Bruce & Eric fished a couple of days and did well anchoring and also trolling. The first night they caught a couple of 19" walleyes. They ate fish and said they caught their limits. Lots of logs and debris floating on the lake with the high water level. Be careful on the river, bays and on the lake.

June 3, 2014: Pete ran a charter today taking out Al & Joyce along with Brian as first mate. They fished right out front at the Morris Gap and anchored , jigging with frozen shiners. Pete said he tried a leech for about an hour but no bites so switched back to shiners. They released 6 slot walleyes and came in with their limits of walleyes and saugers. Mark & Ron have been fishing all week pulling #5 shadraps. Today they caught two 21"and a 22" walleye, a little musky, one small mouth bass and a dozen walleyes in the 15-16" range while in 8-8 1/2 feet of water. Yesterday they didn't fish as it rained all day. Friday evening they trolled for a few hours and came in because of rain, bringing in 4 keepers. Satruday they caught some nice fish with Mark releasing a 25" walleye, Ron a 23" walleye plus Mark released a 40" pike, 36" pike and Ron kept a 28" pike. They also kept two 18", two 17" and one 19" walleye.

June 1, 2014: Jesse, Jenny, Waylon & Ella spent the day on the water. Jenny caught a 56" sturgeon today that was a 20 minute battle. She also caught a nice 19" walleye, Waylon got a 19 1/2" walleye and Jesse released a 20" walleye. Sherry, Merlin & Eain kept 8 today. Mushrooms are popping and lots of asparagus right now. Lots of mosquitoes too so bring the bug spray!

May 31, 2014: Eain, Jesse and Crystal went out and kept 12 today. Pete, Terri, Greg, Sharon & Paul fished yesterday morning pulling shadraps in the Morris Gap area. They did well bring in 8 keepers, allmeasuring from 17-19". We also put back a few slots. Paul is here from California for a visit and she caught the firest fish, the biggest fish at 21" and the most fish today! She had a blast! Deb, Mona, Bob and John had a great week of fishing and said they caught nicer fish yesterday. Deb released 22" and 26" walleyes! Way to go Deb! They had quite a few 20's and 23's and two 24's they released. They caught over 150 fish.

May 27, 2014: Bill & Gary had an excellent morning of fishing, being the first boat on the water and catching lots of nice fish. They kept four 19" walleyes and released two 22"s, 24" and 25" with Bill catching the 25" which is their largest walleye so far. They are having the best walleye fishing ever in the 20+ years they have been coming up here. Gary also caught a 4 foot sturgeon today! Jesse & Kelli  brought the kids with including Cassie, Dani, Johnny and Owen. They had a great time this past weekend having a fish fry and taking some fish home. Johnny caught a 26" pike and they got 24" and 26" walleyes. They had a great time. Mike and Jodi fished the weekend and did well, getting their limits and eating one fish. Mark & Lan limited out keeping nice walleyes measuring 17", 18" and 19". Lan out fished Mark this weekend and released two walleyes measuring 22" and 25". Donna, Craig, Mike, Angela, Deb & Steve fished a few hours today and kept 7. Deb released two 22" walleyes, Craig released a 24 1/2" and Angela released a 25" walleye. Way to go! Pete, Terri, Ruth and Matt fished on Saturday trolling with shadraps in the bay on the way out to the lake and getting two nice keepers. Then switched to anchoring and jigging, catching big and little fish and just not getting any keepers. So they switched back to trolling and got 3 more nice ones, then headed in with bad weather approaching, high wind and rain but only lasted a brief time. They kept five walleyes measuring 17-18 1/ 2' and released 21", 23" and 24" walleyes. Ruth caught a nice pike. Keith & Kathy spent a week fishing everyday and had a great time, catching lots of slot fish. Ross and Tom even fished in the pouring rain one night last week; they hammered them. They ate lots of fish and took home their limits. They really enjoyed themselves. Getting reports that the morels are up! Eain and Brice filled their bag half full on Monday. The weather has been pretty nice. Seems like we went from a winter thaw right into summer, skipping spring. The ice chunks are all gone on the lake. Everyone still fishing right out front at the Morris Gap and along Pine Island down to Lighthouse Gap. Some are fishing in Four Mile Bay and doing well also.

May 24, 2014: Craig, Donna, Mike, Angela, Deb & Steve went out fishing today and kept 15 fish. They threw back 5 including 22" and 23" walleyes.  Gary & Bob went out this morning and limited. They were the 4th boat on the water this morning and said the bite was on. Gary released a 20". Deb released a 26" and Mona released a 22". Kevin, Naomi & Pat fished for four days and said it was "the best ever for big fish". They ate fish while staying and went home with their limits on walleyes and were 2 saugers short. 8 feet of water was most productive for them using live shiners. They released multiple walleyes measuring from 21" to 28" including 23", 24" 25", 26" and 27". Naomi had a super great week catching 26" and 28" walleyes. Way to go Naomi!! The fishing was "awesome and excellent". Pete, Ruth & Terri went mushroom hunting but found only 1 today.

May 18, 2014: Pretty nice day with just a few small sprinkles in the afternoon followed by sunshine. Still some ice on the big lake but getting less and less. Lots of big fish being caught. Kent, Matt, Rick, Matt, Myron & Richie fished Thursday night for a couple of hours- they brought in 13 keepers. Friday they caught lots of fish. Pete took them on a charter Saturday; they caught lots of big fish and came in with 12 keepers. They put back lots of slots and small fish. Richie released 25", Myron 24 1/2", Kent 26 1/2", and Peter released a 28" walleye. Way to go guys!! They also put back lots of 22's and 23's. They fished Red Lake on Thursday on the way up (for just a couple of hours) and kept 17 nice walleyes. Chartreuse and gold jigs worked best. They had a couple of meals while here and took home some fish. Jesse, Matt, Ken, Derik, Matt & Travis fished the weekend and had a great time landing lots of big fish and getting lots of keepers. They ate lots of fish ahd took home 20. Ken released a 29" walleye and a 50" sturgeon. Matt released a 30" walleye and the other Matt also released a 30" walleye. Jesse released a 26" walleye and Derik released a 24 1/2" walleye plus Travis released a 24 1/2" walleye. Way to go guys!!!  Lots of sturgeon being caught right now. Pete, Terri, Brian, Charlie and Cody fished today. They kept 10 keepers and put back many slot fish. Brian, Charlie & Cody went out yesterday and kept 8 fish. Gold is hot and also white. We are having nicer weather the past few days and the ground is starting to dry out. The trees are just starting to bud. Not warm enough for mushroom hunting yet though. Lake level is high so plenty of water for boats in our bay.

May 16, 2014: Pete, Charlie, Cody & Brian went out fishing for the evening. Cody battled a huge sturgeon and after 45 minutes they got it in the boat and ended up measuring 60"! Everyone on the lake cheered  for him when they held the fish up. See photo above. Pete released a 30" walleye and Brian released a 26" walleye. Cody released a 25" walleye and Charlie released a 24" walleye! Plus they put back lots of slots over 20". They kept 5 keepers. What a night for Cody! His biggest fish ever!

May 13, 2014: Woke up with snow on the roofs and frozen ground this morning. Temp came up a little, snow turned to rain but still pretty cold today with high around 42 degrees. Lake water levels are coming up and will be plenty of water for our bay. Water is getting brown from all the runoff right now.

May 12, 2014: Happy Birthday Terri!!  Been raining all day but some still went out fishing. John, Jerry & Carl went out and got soaked but said the fishing was still good. They fished 3 days catching a total of around 150 fish; including 50 fish in the 24-26" range and another 15 fish measuring over 26". Carl released a 29" walleye! Way to go Carl! Greg also put back 27 3/4" and 28 1/2" walleyes. Way to go Greg!! They used frozen shiners, rainbows, chubbs and sucker minnows saying all worked. Red and white jigs worked well. They also said they tried some ice lures, using "stopsigns" and catching fish right under the boat. They fished anywhere from 4 to 18 feet of water. Today the north winds blew the ice into Four Mile Bay and pushed all boats off the lake. Tony, Mark & Andy fished 2 days and caught lots of fish, mostly in 5-6 feet of water. They caught 24 walleyes measuring 23" and up with their biggest at 25". They also caught a 40" sturgeon. They used frozen and live shiners and also fatheads. Cory, Randy, Tim & Culen had excellent fishing with the group eating 2 meals and taking home fish. They caught lots of fish over 20", most 21-25". They caught most of their fish in 5-6 feet of water. Tim released a 26" walleye and Randy released a 29 1/2" walleye. Way to go guys!! They also released two sturgeon that measured around 34-35". Walleye Retreat Bowling Team took first place this year and won the trophy!

May 11, 2014: Happy Mother's Day! Jerry finished getting his limit to go home (2 fish) and said it was a bit slower today. He said the rainbows weren't working as well so he used frozen shiners. He released a 29" walleye today! Way to go Jerry!! 

May 10, 2014: Pete, Terri & Brian went out around 4pm today to fish with around 200 other boats. Still ice on the lake but able to get out past the red & green buoys with ice starting around 20 feet of water. Still ice in front of Pine Island. We caught lots of big walleyes today, in fact more of them than keepers. Brain started us out with a 24" followed by 25", 23" and more. Terri caught a 23" and Pete caught quite a few big walleyes also with his biggest measuring over 30 inches! We had a great time coming in around 7pm. Must have put back around 20 big walleyes today and a few small ones. We kept 4 walleyes that measured 18, 19, 17 and one 15" sauger. We also lost a couple of keepers at the boat. Beautiful weather with light winds- couldn't ask for a nicer day on opener. Everyone catching fish with most limiting out and putting back big walleyes. Saw lots of big fish caught today. John & Greg kept their limits today plus put back lots of big fish. Jerry fished alone and did very well with him catching 13 fish and keeping 5; 4 saugers measuring 15-20" plus he kept one walleye. He released walleyes measuring 22", 24", 28", 28" and 28 1/2". What a day!!

May 5, 2014: Just about time to wet a line and we can't wait. The Rainy river is open all the way to the lake with Four Mile Bay totally open also. There is a channel going out of Morris Point about a half mile or so onto the lake and looks like open water over to the shore of Pine Island on the west end. Supposed to rain the next few days so hopefully will melt all that ice on the lake. Lots of boats fishing the Rainy for sturgeon right now and the word is they are biting pretty good. Should be a great walleye opener!


Charee & Greg with 29" walleye (kept)

Arne with 37" pike - released

Jerry holding 30" walleye - released

Ethan holding 27" walleye (released)

Michele with her and Scott's catch.

Chris holding 28" walleye (released)

Dallas with his crappie!

Emily holding her 40 1/4" pike

Rick holding his 28 1/4" walleye

Arne holding 23" walleye (released)

Adrian holding her 28 3/4" walleye (released)

Jimmy holding 23" walleye (released)

Meghan holding her 27 1/2" walleye (released)

Meghan measuring a walleye in sleeper house

Crystal holding 25 1/2" walleye (released)

From left to right: Lucinda, Terri, Crystal & Sherry after a day of fishing. This is Walleye Retreat's Bowling Team which is in first place right now! Looks like they know how to fish too!!

8 yr old Stephanie with her 22" walleye (released)

Missy holding 23" walleye (released)

April 1, 2014: Must have gotten around 10 or more inches of snow yesterday with 4 foot drifts around the resort. We have closed our doors for the winter season. Thank you to all our great customers who visited us this winter. We appreciate your business! We are looking forward to a great spring and summer season and hope to see you all! Reports will be back up after fishing opener. Hope the ice is gone by then!

March 30, 2014: Our last fishermen left this morning saying they had a pretty good weekend, enjoying the warm temps for sitting on the ice. Doug & Brad did very well getting their limits of walleyes and nice saugers while fishing near Bridges. Brad released a 23" walleye. They fished the "washout" in the evening and caught lots of small fish, some keepers and Doug released a 25" walleye. Way to go Doug & Brad. Jay released a 22" walleye at Bridges and Rick caught a nice pike. Randy caught a 13 1/2" perch and Tim says they caught lots of small ones with an 18" as the biggest keeper. They had a good time. Bill, Jerry & Karl fished on Friday and kept 15.

March 23, 2014: Dale & Lenny were in a sleeper house saying they caught 2 nice saugers right away when they arrived at the ice shack. They kept 4 walleyes and 4 saugers on Thursday and went home just 3 short of their limits. Paul, Matt, Joe, Jason, Nick, Tim, Bruce, Dylan, Tim and Mike used their sleds and portables going out of Adrian's road. Matt said a charmer worked well his first day out with him limiting easily. They kept 40 fish for the group and also had a big meal of fish while staying. No slot fish caught. Luke, Zach, Jordan, Eric & Paul had slow fishing keeping 7 the first day out and then keeping another 10 small fish the second day out. Lyle & Brad used portables and kept 8. Jeff & Mike arrived early Friday and went out of Adrian's to set up portables but said the wind was pretty strong and the roads were blowing shut, so they opted to go to one of our day houses. They only fished a little over 3 hours and brought in 4 keepers; 3 saugers and a 20" pike. Their second day they caught 24 fish and kept 6 with the largest being a 15 1/2" sauger. They also had one tullibee and said they had steady action. Randy & Sue fished a full day on Friday keeping 7 fish. They fished a half day on Saturday and kept another 7 saying they had bigger saugers and one pike. We have plenty of ice at around 37" or more. Need your extension. There are some slushy areas being encountered where the snow is deep. We have taken all our sleepers off the ice and will be bringing in most of our day houses this week. Cyrus Resort has closed down their plowed road to pickups/wheelhouses. Only letting out ATV's and sleds. Adrians' plowed road is still open so far. Morris Point is letting out pickups but no wheelhouses. Their road is in good shape.

March 19, 2014: Greg & Charee spent a couple of days in a sleeper house and did well getting their limits of walleyes plus some saugers. This morning at 5am Charee woke up to the rattle reel making noise and slowly turning. She woke up Greg and he discovered they had a big walleye on which ended up being 29". Caught on a pink & black jig. See photo above. Greg said it came up the ice hole very easy. The first night out Charee caught a 21" walleye. They had lots of 13" fish and their biggest keeper measured 17". They had a great time! Julie, Kyle & Jason stayed in a sleeper house and did very well. They limited plus Kyle released a 29 1/2" pike. Way to go Kyle!!

March 18, 2014: DuWayne & Chad spent a night in a sleeper house and did very well eating some fish and taking home 14; all measuring 14" ato 12". Sue, Jim, Bob & Renee fished two day, catching 30 fish the first day out and keeping 6. The second day they caught 20 fish (slower) and kept 5 plus they took home 7 tulibees. Their largest walleye measured 15 1/2". Laird & Bob fished a half day yesterday and kept 2 fish. Today they fished a full day and kept another 5. Pretty slow. Marvin and his two daughters, Jessica & April fished today and kept 5 saugers and 2 walleyes.

March 16, 2014: Ross, Reed and Neil fished Friday and Saturday - was slow on Friday with them bringing in no fish. Saturday they caught 30 fish and kept 8. Joel and his 3 sons, Kaleb, Will & Carter stayed in a sleeper house for a couple of nights. They did okay keeping 19-20 keepers with the biggest fish measuring 16 1/2". Wayne & Owen fished a half day (afternoon) on Friday and caught 10. Saturday they caught 21 fish and today they caught 25-30 fish. They kept 13 fish today and Owen caught a nice 18" walleye. They also kept a big perch. Frozen shiners worked well. Greg, John & Brad fished out of Adrian's plowed road and kept 24 fish. Barb & Gary fished the afternoon on Friday and kept no fish. They also fished a full day yesterday and the morning today. They caught enough for 2 meals. Barb released a 32" pike. Dave, Charlie and Cody fished the weekend doing pretty good. They ate 8 fish and took home 16 measuring 14-16". Cody released a 23" walleye and he also caught a very nice sauger. Way to go Cody!! Jake's group used portables and went out of Long Pint Friday. They caught 9 fish and a few tullibees.

March 14, 2014: Arne, Derrill & Doug fished two days, catching 31 the first day; keeping 11. They caught 30 the second day and kept another 11. Arne said the second day they had a fast start. Arne released a 37" pike. Way to go Arne!! Josh, Tim, Levi & Brad were in a sleeper house. Their biggest keeper measured 16" and the rest were under that. Josh released a 28 1/2" walleye. Way to go Josh!! They also released a 22" walleye. Jerry, Shawn & Jerry had slow fishing using portables. Jerry released a 24" walleye and they also caught a 3 lb pike. Warmer temps here lately!

March 12, 2014: Fish biting slow still but they are catching some. Brad, Dave, Buzzy & Ray caught 14 fish their first day out and kept another 4 for a half day of fishing today. They threw back five 8" fish and said they kept small fish. Bob & Judy fished two days, keeping 8 the first day and then another 5 the second day. They had one 15" walleye and a 13" sauger and the rest were smaller. Kenny, Scott & Wyatt fished 1 1/2 days keeping 12 the first day and another 12 the second day by noon. Tom, Steve & Chris fished two days. They caught 20 the first day, eating 10 of them. The second day they caught 20 more and ate 12 of those. They kept 14" fish and under. Jon and Kyle were in a sleeper house catching mostly small fish. They used their sled with portables and moved in for the shallow bite each morning and evening, catching all their fish shallow. They got their limits plus caught a couple of pike and Kyle released a 24" walleye. Way to go Kyle! Jerry & Vicki spenbt a few days out in their wheelhouse. They did well getting limits with lots of saugers in 16' of water. They also released a couple of 22" walleyes and Jerry released 24" and 30" walleyes! Way to go Jerry! It got slushy on the lake-warm temps-but back to cold and the lake firmed back up for easy traveling.

March 9, 2014: Very slow bite again this weekend but much nicer days with lots of sunshine and warm temps up to 42 degrees. Scott & Steve fished yesterday and did okay catching 35 fish and keeping 9. Jamie's group caught 50-60 fish and ended up with 15 walleyes and a few tullibees. Their fish measured 14" and up. Mick's group used portables and fished out of Adrian's Road going way out and caught some fish keeping 18 walleye/saugers and 21 tullibees. Kevin's group had slow days keeping 14 saugers. Bob released a 24" walleye. Way to go Bob!! Logan & his girlfriend were in a sleeper house and did well. Jack & Ray used their wheel house and had a slow bite. They caught a couple of saugers and 12 tullibees. Carl, Brad, Amanda, Jade & David were in a wheel house and had a slow bite from Thursday on thru Sunday. They caught 70 walleye/saugers; keeping 5 with the largest measuring 13 1/2". They also caught one pike and a "RockStar". Tim, Mark, Jim,& Tony caught some fish keeping their limits of walleye/saugers with most measuring 13-14" and also one 16" and one 18". They also caught 16 tullibees and Jim caught an 18" smallmouth bass. Mark released a 25" walleye. Way to go Mark!! Luke, Nate, Max & Eric used portables and fished out the Cyrus road and also Long Point. They kept 21 walleye/saugers and took home close to 100 tullibees for the smoker. Wes' group were in a sleeper house and kept 2 walleye, 8 sauger and 1 tullibee. They said it was slow but had a good time.   

March 2, 2014: Slower bite this weekend and very cold temps with lows at -34. Getting pretty sick of the bitter cold wind, as I'm sure most of you are! Dennis, Sherry & 10 yr old Brittany stayed in a sleeper house for the weekend. They had a fun time, catching lots of small fish and keeping 8. Brittany caught a 15" walleye and Dennis caught and released a 25" walleye. Way to go Dennis! Hi to Charlotte and John (her parents) - we miss you guys! Tyler, Justin & Tom fished a couple of days. They kept 13 fish the first day out and another 14 the second day. Their largest walleye was just under 19 1/2". Happy Birthday to Tom!! Josh, Brian & Jason were in a sleeper house and threw back lots of fish including some 13-15" saugers. They set their standards high. Their largest walleye measured 17 1/2". They caught 40 fish and kept 15. Bernard's group were in a sleeper hosue and did okay but was kind of slow. They did have a fish fry and not sure how many they had to take home. Mark, Marilyn & Marv had pretty good fishing, catching mostly saugers. They kept 16 on Friday and another 9 on Saturday. Marilyn caught the biggest fish which was a 4 1/2 lb pike. Mark had a 16" walleye. They had a good time. 

March 1, 2014: Kevin & Brian used their portables on Wednesday and had a slow bite, saying they had a hard time dealing with the high winds. They ditched the portables for the next day and Kevin went to one of our heated houses on Thursday, going out alone as Brian came down with flu. Kevin caught 20 fish and kept 4. Scotty's group had slow fishing on Friday with them keeping 16 fish. John released a 23" walleye. Way to go John!  

February 23, 2014: Steve, Beau & Mike used their portables and fished the "washout" at Morris Gap. Their biggest walleye measured 25". They caught lots of 16-20" walleyes and had plenty to eat. Jerry, Kyle & Mark plus George, Andrew & Mike were in sleepers and had a good time, catching lots of fish and eating fish. They kept 33 total and had 2 tullibees, they also caught a big pike. Biggest walleye measured 21" which was released, of course! Chartreuse and white jigs worked well and also gold ants. Chad & LaVon were in a sleeper house and did really well saying the had a good weekend and they limited out. Drake & Jenny had a slow bite on Monday and said that Sunday was better. Jennifer released a 23" walleye. Way to go Jennifer!! They had a good time. Justin, Todd, Paul, Jake, Fran, Mark, Keith, Brian, Jeff and Brent fished two days and said it was slow for them. They kept 16 nice ones. Ed, Jeff & Joe caught 80 fish, keeping 16. Their largest walleye measured 17".                                                                                        

February 19, 2014: Scott & Michele fished two days and had a fantastic time. They caught 29 saugers and 12 walleyes; keeping 8 the first day out. Their second day they caught 16 saugers and 6 walleyes and said they were nicer fish. They also caught 2 tullibees. They kept their limits and said they also missed 3 nice fish. Kyle & Chris stayed in sleeper house and did well. They ate a meal and took home their limits. Wayne, Julie, Preston and Shane were in a sleeper house and did well. Said they had to work for the fish. They kept all 13" and up with 17-18" the biggest keepers. They kept 23 fish and had a great time! Jerry & Cindy fished two days and did well getting some nice fish.  

February 16, 2014: Alan & Naomi did well catching around 100 fish. They kept a total of 8 walleyes and one jumbo perch. Merlin, Sherry, Carrie & Jacob fished the afternoon and did very well keeping 18 nice fish. Eain, Erica, Marissa and Eli also fished the afternoon and kept 12 fish. Brian, John & Ethan had good fishing with them putting back lots of 13-14" fish and smaller ones. They ate fish and ended up getting the remainder of their limits the second day. The first day they caught 57 fish and kept 21. Ethan caught a nice 27" walleye on a red/pink plain hook. Way to go Ethan!! They also kept 3 tullibees. Mike & Michelle were in a sleeper house and had "fantastic and awesome" fishing. They caught close to their limits plus Mike released a 26 1/2" walleye. Way to go Mike!! They had a fun time. Jerry & Vicki used their portables and also their wheelhouse. They did well in the "washout" taking home 8 walleyes and 7 saugers. Vicki lost a big one after battling it for around 10 minutes. Keith & his partner caught lots of fish. Their second day out they kept 2 tullibee, 6 saugers and 2 walleyes. Mike, Stacy and their son Daniel fished one day and caught 27 fish. They kept 3 nice fish with Daniel getting a nice 18" walleye. Mike released a 20 1/2" walleye. John & Sandy were in a sleeper house and did well. They caught 76 fish, keeping 13" and up fish. They ate 4 and took home 10 plus 2 tullibee. Chris & Samantha went out for the afternoon and caught 4 walleyes, all small; keeping none. Chris caught and released a 28" walleye. See photo above. Way to go Chris!! Justin, Lane, Dan, Jordan, Eli, Ryan, Tristan & Lincoln fished two days. They cleaned over 50 fish. Lane released a 21" walleye. John Phillips and has 3 partners stayed in a sleeper house overnight and caught enough for a meal. More snow on its way tonight and much warmer temps. Can't wait!  Jimmy Long fished alone in 23 feet of water and caught all small fish, taking none home.

February 13, 2014: Just got dumped on with about 4-5 inchs of new snow and the wind is blowing. Pete is out plowing the resort. No one fishing today as everyone headed home and new groups checking in tonight and tomorrow.

February 12, 2014: Dennis & Janice spent their time in a sleeper house. They kept 14 fish and said their largest measured 16". They threw back a fair amount also. Steve & Randy fished one day and kept 9. Rob & his partner fished two days, having a slow bite. They kept 4 fish plus released 20 1/4" and 26" walleyes. They caught lots of 13-14" fish but threw them back. Duane & Ed were in a sleeper house and caught 100 fish. They ate 6 and took home 9. Duane released a 22" walleye and he said they had two 16" and one 19" for walleyes. Henry and his two fishing buddies kept 6 fish today. Bob, Don, Todd & Jerry fished 2 days and did very well. They ate fish and went home just shy a few on their limits. They kept nice 15, 16, 17" fish and had some 15" saugers. Gemini's (chartreuse with white glow) just tipped with a minnow and left still worked great for them. White/gold also worked well. They released 24" and 26 1/4" walleyes. Their biggest keeper walleye measured 18 3/4". Way to go guys! Brian & Matt fished a half day and brought in 6 keepers plus Matt released a 26 1/2" walleye. Way to go Matt!

February 9, 2014: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD BARSTOW!! Fishing picked up this weekend with most groups doing quite well. Amanda, Brad, Karl & Nikki used their wheelhouse and did very well. They had a fish fry and said they caught their limits, plus 1 eelpout and 6 tullibees. All of their walleye/saugers were 15". Nikki caught her biggest walleye measuring 27". Way to go Nikki!! Jason & Sara were in sleeper house and also did well. They limited on walleyes and saugers and also caught 5 tullibee. Tony, Chris, Carter and Aaron were in sleeper house and had a great time. They caught 80 fish and kept 25. Gold spoons and pink jig-o-bits worked best. Biggest walleye measured 19 1/2" (released). They didn't catch any tullibees and said they had 3 suspended fish on the vexilar but they would not bite. Evan, Ethan & Matt fished the afternoon and did pretty good keeping 8-9 fish and Matt released a 22" walleye. Tony, Chris & Mike were in a sleeper house and had a good time. They kept 14 walleye/saugers and they got a couple of big pike. Mike released a 36 1/2" pike and Tony released a 34" pike. Way to go you two!! Ana and Josh fished two days doing "fair". They kept 6 each day plus Josh released a 25" walleye. Way to go Josh!! They caught tons of tullibees. Leslie, John, Brian & Tim had slow fishing. They kept 6 on Friday and kept 3 on Saturday. Tim released a 27 1/2" walleye. Way to go Tim. They also caught one tullibee.

February 4, 2014: Kevin, Ed, Pat, John, Tom & Dave fished a couple of days and had a slow bite. They kept 16 walleye/saugers and 7 tullibees and then another 4 more walleyes/saugers the next day.   


February 2, 2014: Kevin, Hose' & Mark spent a couple of days on the ice and did well catching 80 fish and keeping around a dozen. Dallas, Bob, Curt, Eric & John had a great time staying with us and catching lots of fish. They kept 8 fish the second day out, and kept 23 walleyes/saugers on Saturday plus one nice crappie caught by Dallas. That's the 6th crappie we know of caught out of our fish houses tis winter. Eric released a 22" walleye. Way to go Eric!! Margie, Brian & Chris fished two days and had a slow bite. They kept 1 walleye and 3 saugers plus 2 tullibees on Saturday with the largest fish measruing 14". Saturday they kept 4 walleyes and 1 tullibee. Margie released a 22" walleye. Way to go Margie!! Rick & Clarissa spent the weekend in the sleeper house. They kept 7 fish with Rick landing a 19" walleye and Clarissa landing a 16" walleye. Myron, Matt & Troy were in a sleeper house and caught lots of small fish plus kept 9 fish, all 14" and up with the largest measuring 18" and 19". Alan, Kari, Mike & Pam fished in their wheelhouse out of Adrians. They kept 9 fish. Pam released 19 1/2" and 21" walleyes. Way to go Pam! John, Jake & Tim fished two days and did very well. They caught their limits of very nice fish including a 18" sauger and some 15" and 16" fish. Jake released a 26" walleye. Way to go Jake!!

January 31, 2014: Al & Joyce fished two days and kept 12 nice fish. They both lost a big walleye in the hole. Jacque & Greg went ouf of Adrian's with their house and did okay catching some decent size fish; keeping 7 saugers and 6 walleyes. They said they caught the smallest fish they have ever seen, measuring 3-4" long. Jacque released a 23 1/2" walleye, her largest walleye so far. Way to go Jacque!! 

January 28, 2014: Slow bite the past few days and still colder than we would like it! Sunday  we had to pull the people off the lake at noon due to high winds and blowing snow. Pretty much a whiteout on the lake. Doug & Jason kept 5 fish on Sunday and released a 22" walleye. Monday they caught 24 fish and kept 5, released a 24" walleye, and today caught 24 fish again and kept a total of 6 plus they released 21" and 22" walleyes. Doug is from Nebr5aska and Jason is from South Dakota. They had a great time. Doug Emerson and hsi two sons fished two days and kept 17 fish including a couple of ullibees. Scott and his partner kept 8 fish on Monday and another 3 today. Neil and his partner fished today and kept only 2 fish. Very slow today.

January 26, 2014: Hoss, Doreen, Linda & Randy spent a night in a sleeper house. They caught some fish plus some tullibees. Linda released a 22" walleye. Keith, Duane and Emily kept 2 walleyes and Emily caught a 40 1/4" pike which was her first time ice fishing and was her first bite! Way to go Emily! Matt, Travis, Jason & Bryan were in a sleeper house. They ate fish twice and took home a pail full. Matt released a 25" pout and they also had 3 tullibees. Seth, Keith, Ethan, Marv, Chip, Aaron, John, Ryan & Dave used portables and had slow fishing. Doug & Jason caught lots of 12" and under fish with 16 walleyes and 4 saugers. They had 3 eaters plus they caught 24 tullibee and released a 24" walleye. Scott & Steve kept 12 fish, saying a purple Gemini worked best and Scott caught a 25" walleye on a gold jig-o-bit. The fish weighed 5.6 lbs. Way to go Scott! Dave, Shawn, Jeff & Steve kept 10 walleye/sauger their first day out and another 9 the second day. Dave was the tulllibee King and he also caught a 19" walleye. Shawn released a 22" and Jeff released a 25 1/4" walleye. Way to go guys! Dave, Steve, Dan, Jason & Ryan did pretty good. They released 20" and 21" walleyes and also caught a couple of tullibees. Vicki, Brian, Kyle, Jessica & Travis caught 50-60 fish and said they had a great time. Vicki released a 26" walleye, Kyle released a 25 1/2" walleye and Jessica released three fish over 20". Travis got an 18" for his biggest. Way to go you guys! Nick & Nate were in a sleeper house and did very well. They ate some fish, limiting out. They lost a couple of big ones also.

January 23, 2014: Al & Joyce had some good fishing for 2 days. They ate 4 fish and took home their limits plus Joyce released a 22" walleye. Way to go Joyce!! We sure enjoyed having you two back! Ron & Eldon said they did good the first day out and their second day was slower. They kept 12 walleye/saugers, one perch and 2 tullibee. Dave, Dennis & Joel kept 26 fish with them eating some the first night. Dennis released two 21" walleyes. Way to go Dennis! Pat, Roger, Dennis & Sonny got a few fish with them eating 4 and taking home 10 walleye/saugers, 6 tullibees plus Pat caught an 11" crappie! Sonny released a 20" walleye and Dennis released another 20" walleye. Way to go guys! Drake & Jennifer were in a sleeper house and did very well on gold jigs. This was Jennifer's first time ice fishing and she loved it. They ate fish tacos in their sleeper house and took home their limits. Gold Rock'n'rolls worked best. Jennifer released a 24" walleye and Drake released a 23" walleye. Way to go you two!! Julie & Jason were in a sleeper house and did very well. They took home their limits of walleyes and saugers, 20 tullibees and Julie caught one nice crappie! Way to go Julie! Rick, Wayne & John said it was slow the first day and did better the second day. They caught 6 saugers, 8 walleyes and 6 tullibees. Dave, Jim, Neil, Russ & Gary got quite a few fish plus four slot fish. Neil got the largest measuring 26", followed by 25", 24" & 23" walleyes. Way to go Neil!! Weather changes have been hard on the bite the past few weeks. Walleye Retreat Women's Bowling Team took first place for the first half of the season!

January 21, 2014: Carol & Dude fished two days. They kept 12 fish; mostly saugers. They also caught some tullibees. Rick's group had a slow day, keeping a few saugers and catching around a dozen tullibees.

January 20, 2014: Much slower bite with the weather change that came through this weekend. Justin's group were in a sleeper house and had a slow bite. They did release a 24 1/2" walleye and their largest keeper measured 17 1/2". Ray, Chad, Mike & Jeff  had enough fish to eat and said they had a great time. Chad released a 29 1/4" walleye. Way to go Chad!! Bill, Brian, Jake & Joe fished a couple of days and said they caught some fish but was slow. They kept 25 fish plus Jake released a 25" walleye and they also put back 21" and 22" walleyes. Way to go guys!! Steve, Dan, Jim & Jason were in a sleeper house with the group catching lots of 10-13" fish and some keepers. They caught a few over 20" and a few just under 20". They also caught 10 tullibee, one 10" perch and Dan released a 33" pike plus a 22 1/2" walleye. Steve released a 22" walleye. Way to go guys!! Jeff, Steve & Marty kept 7 fish each day all measuring 14-16" plus they had a couple of 19" walleyes. Steve caught a nice 26" walleye around noon that he put back. Jeff released a 23" and Marty released a 21" walleye. They said they had early and late bites. They kept a dozen tullibees and had some 15-16" saugers. They had one really huge tullibee. They had a good time. Junior, Cameren & Andy stayed in a sleeper house and had a good time. They caught tons of white fish (around 20) and a big eelpout and 2 jumbo perch. They had a couple of 16", 17" and 18" walleyes and lost a couple of big ones.Joe, Steve, Ben & Jake ate a meal of fish after keeping 8 the first day out and another 6 the second day. They caught lots of tullibees (16 or more) and otherwise said they had mostly saugers. Steve caught a 13.5" jumbo perch and Joe released a 23" walleye. Way to go Joe!! They ate a meal of fish while here.

January 16, 2014: Very high winds today and blowing snow. All plowed roads closed for the day. White out on the lake totally most of the day. Brian & Travis came off the lake this morning from a few nights in a sleeper house. They caught 90 fish and kept 15 plus a dozen tullibees. They said they caught em all on "swedish Taso's"! Sorry you didn't make it with them Taso! Dan & Gary caught 12-13 fish today; keeping 7. Dan released 23" and 24" walleyes. Way to go Dan!! Bill, Karl & Jerry threw back 6 fish and kept 3, plus 3 tullibees.Gary, Jim & John caught 75 fish in 3 days. They ate a meal and kept 5 to take home. They also put back 21" and 22 1/2" walleyes. Jim got the biggest walleye and he also caught a big eelpout around 6-7 lbs. They caught lots of small fish. Warren, Larry, Scott, Dwight, Joe, Carl, Randy & Chad were in sleeper houses. They caught 120 fish. Said they caught lots of small saugers plus a couple of pike and also they released a 37" pike. Way to go!! Larry broke his line on a big fish.   

January 15, 2014: Ed & Leanne had a good trip with them catching all really nice fish. They caught 24 the 1st day out and kept 6, their 2nd day they caught 10 and kept 3 (today). They came in early off the ice with the winter storm moving in. Whiteout on the lake with blowing snow and high winds. Dan & Gary kept another 4 fish today. Bob & Judy fished two days and said it was the best fishing they have had up here. They went home one walleye short of their limits. Their largest measured 17 1/2". Don, Lisa, Tom & Denise fished two days and kept a total of 17 fish. Don released two 22" walleyes and Lisa released a 25" walleye. Way to go Lisa and Don! This was Lisa's first time ice fishing and she loved it. Thanks for the jar of homemade pear jelly Lisa! Tim, Kevin & Brian kept 6 fish the 1st day out and another 8 the second day, saying they caught 40 fish. They also had 1 tullibee. They relased a 19 3/4" walleye and said they had a great time. Henry, Neil and Ralph drove over from International Falls and fished for the day. They did well keeping 12 nice walleyes with 17" and 19" fish in the bucket. Henry released a 21" walleye, Neil released a 24" and Ralph released a 26" walleye! Way to go guys!!

January 12, 2014: Nikki, Carl, Brad, Amanda, Jen, Dave, Kim & Chad had a super weekend of fishing. They went home with their limits of nice fish. Brad released a 20" walleye. Chris, Jeff, Brad, Zach, Mike, Matt & Tony spent the weekend in sleeper houses. They said it was really slow for them and they kept 10 fish measuring 12-19" plus they kept 7 tullibees. Jeff caught an 11" crappie and Brad released a 21" walleye. They caught a couple of eelpout and a 12" perch. Barry, Brenda, Marc, Chelsey, Aaron and Breanna ate a meal of fish and took home 10. Barry caught and released a 25" walleye and they also put back two 23" walleyes. Way to go!! They said the fish they kept were nice ones. Brian, Mike & Tom had great fishing using their portables, saying it is the best fishing they have seen in 3 years. They released 3 slot fish including a 24" and they took home their limits of nice fish. Randy Keller and Mark Regan stopped at Red Lake and fished doing well there, then headed up here to try a few nights in their wheelhouse. Mark caught a 15 3/4" jumbo perch and Randy caught a 30" walleye he kept. Way to go guys!! They went home with their limits of fish. Kevin, Mark, Jason & Chris were in a sleeper house and caught 86 fish. They limited. No slot fish. Biggest walleye measured 19". Matt, Rick and Cacia stayed in a sleeper house and did well keeping over 25 fish. Rick caught a nice 28 1/4" walleye that he kept to mount. They had a great time.

January 11, 2014: Kristy, Ron, Tyler & 6 yr old Aidan fished two days catching some nicer fish today, mostly saugers. Aidan caught some saugers for his first trip. Kristy released a nice 26" walleye. Way to go Kristy!! Jimmy stayed overnight in his fish house. He caught all small fish in 21' of water. John & Mandy had a slow bite keeping 2 fish on Friday and another 6 today. John released a 25" walleye. Way to go John!! Mark, Craig, Mark & Steve said their first day out they caught 30 fish and kept 6. The second day they had nicer fish catching 15 and keeping 7. Craig released a 22" and kept a 19"- he got the biggest walleye this trip! Brad, Amanda, Chad, Carl, Nikki, Jen, Dave, Kim & Chad are using their wheelhouse and fished 6.4 mi out of Cyrus Road. They had excellent fishing with them keeping all 15-19" saugers and walleyes. Chad released 22", Amanda released 21 1/2" and Nikki released a 23" and she also lost her phone down the hole. Too bad! Tim & Kevin used portables and had great fishing out of the Cyrus plowed road, saying they got off by themselves (5 1/2 mi out) and had a grea time. They kept big saugers measuring 15-16". They ate 6 fish and replaced them today, taking home their limits. They limited by 1pm in 31' of water. They released a 19" walleye and Tim released a 23" walleye. Way to go guys!!

January 10, 2014: Happy Anniversary to Dave & Erin!! Dave & Erin fished two days; keeping 9 tullibee and 5 saugers on Thursday and then another 9 tullibee today plus 6 saugers and 6 walleyes with 34 of them being a nice size. Jake, Don, Twig and Gino had a good time catching lots of fish. They ate fish and took home limits including some nice fat 16" walleyes and a couple 15". Gino caught and released a 28" walleye that he got on a chartreuse bubblegum. Way to go Gino!! Laird fished solo for one day and kept 7. Arne, Derrill, Doug, Tom, Charlie & Tony fished two days. They caught around 100 fish and kept 24 each day plus 3-4 tullibees and one jumbo perch. They caught 6 slot fish including 21", 22" and 23" walleyes. Way to go guys! Casey, Larry, Michael and John kept 11 fish. James, Jerid, Shawn and Cody fished two days and had a slow bite. They kept 6 small fish the first day and another 3 fish the 2nd day. Jerid released a 25" walleye he caught on a pink and white buckshot. Way to go Jerid!! They also put back a 23" walleye and caught 4 tullibees. They still had a good time. Dick & Bob also fished two days; they kept 8-9 fish in the 14-16" range. Patrick, Chris, John & Justin spent their time in a sleeper house and had a slow bite but did get some nice fish, keeping 16. They released a coule of slots with Justin putting back a 21 1/2" and Chris released a 23 1/2" walleye. They also had 3-4 tullibees. Evan, Tyler and John fished the afetrnoon heading out Cyrus Resort's plowed road. They caught plenty of fish and kept 15 measuring 14,15 and 16". Evan released a 24" walleye and they also put back a 19 1/2" walleye.

January 7, 2014: Darol just came over to tell me about his big walleye he caught today. He got a beauty 26" walleye on a blue & white ball jig. His buddy Mike caught a 30" pike also on blue and white. They released both fish. Way to go guys! Bob is also fishing with them. They caught 30 fish today; mostly saugers and kept enough for a meal, saying they caught lots of little fish  and 6 tullibees. Ray, Reed, Larry, Dick, Dale, Adam, Derek, Pete & Aaron fished two days and said the first day "sucked" with them keeping only 9 fish. The second day they kept 22 fish and said green worked best. Derek is here from Russia trying ice fishing. He caught a nice 18" walleye. Ray released a 22" walleye. Way to go Ray!! The group had a good time.

January 6, 2014: Jeremy, Rick, Travis, Matt, Mike & Josh fished two days with the first day being slow. They kept 12 small fish and Rick released a 26" walleye. Way to go Richard!! Their second day out they did better keeping 34 walleyes/saugers. Jim, Jason & Larry did well fishing 1/2 day today and keeping 5 plus 7 tullibees. Yesterday they kept 20 walleye/saugers and 6 tullibee including a 17" sauger and 16" walleye. Ron, Chuck & Jerry had a good time. They kept 20 fish the first day and another 6 the second day, saying they caught 26 fish. They had two 14", one 15" and a 17".

January 5, 2014: Doreen, Linda, Randy & Hoss, spent one night in a sleeper house. They had a good time and kept 11 fish; 5 walleyes and 6 saugers. They also had 3-4 tullibees. Doreen lost her rod down the hole. Keith & Tim spent a couple nights in a sleeper house and did well keeping 12 and Keith also released a 24 1/2" walleye. Marty's group used portables and kept 10 fish and released a 24" walleye. Way to go! Josh's group fished Saturday and kept 16 plus released 20", 23" and 24" walleyes. Way to go !! They also caught lots of whitefish.Yesterday they used their portables and battled the wind and had a slow bite. Jim, Jason & Larry caught 12 fish yesterday and kept 4 plus 2 tullibees. They had a 17" sauger. Allan, Kari, Brittni & Adam used wheel houses and had a slow bite. They kept 6 fish; 4 saugers and 2 walleyes plus they released 3 big pike.

January 3, 2014: Dustin, Dan & Ryan spent a couple of nights in a sleeper house. They caught a total of 70 fish; keeping 11 saugers, 6 walleyes and 7 tullibee. They released 22 1/2" and 24" walleyes. Bill, Kathie & Richard spent a week on the ice and had a good time. They ate lots of fish while on the ice and took some home. They also caught 3 eelpout and some tullibees. Laird & Bob fished two days with them keeping 5 fish on Wednesday and 13 fish on Thursday. Bob released a 22" walleye and Laird broke his line twice. He had a big walleye that filled the hole coming up but spit the hook and got away! Larry & Rocky also fished the same days. They kept 13 fish and said they had some nicer fish the second day including 15" and 17" walleyes. The rest measured 12-13". Bite picking up a little since the cold front moved in this past week.

January 2, 2014: Fishing much better today than the past few days. Jim Sr, Adrian & Jimmy Jr fished the past 3 days catching a total of 33 fish with today being their best day. They fished Red Lake before arriving here and caught 30 fish while there. First day on the lake here they caught 10 and kept only 3 plus released a 25 1/2" pike. Their 2nd day they caught 15 and kept 5 plus Jimmy Jr released a 23" walleye. Way to go Jimmy! Today they kept 10 and Jim Sr released a 23" walleye and Adrian released a 28 3/4" walleye. Way to go!!  Alec, Dusty and Kenny had two slow days keeping only 6 fish and then another 5 yesterday. Chanse, Bret & Darren kept 9 fish on Monday and then another 18 on Tuesday. Bret released a 22" walleye and Darren released a 23" walleye. Way to go!! Dean & Jane were in a sleeper house for a couple of nights. They kept 3 fish and had a very slow bite. Danita and Steve fished one day keeping 8 and releasing a 24" walleye. Joe & Maria fished two days keeping 9 and then 5 the second day. They had all 13" and up saugers and Maria caught a nice 17" walleye. This was her first time ice fishing and she really enjoyed it. Larry & Rocky kept 12 fish, all around 13". Larry released a 24" walleye. Jeff and Charles spent a few nights in a sleeper house. They ate 3 fish on the lake and ended up with their limits to take home. They both released 21" walleyes. They also caught one eelpout. Orange jig-o-bits and pink glass jigs worked best. They traveled all the way from southern Michigan to spend time fishing Lake of the Woods. It has been very cold here with low of -42 this morning and high around -10. Warm again tomorrow and then back to cold.

December 30, 2013: Marty and his 10 yr old daughter Meghan just came off the lake this morning after spending the weekend in a sleeper house. They had a super great time catching lots of fish, eating fish in the house and going home with their limits. Meghan caught and released a 27 1/2" walleye! Way to go Meghan!! She also caught a 14" jumbo perch this morning and is going to have her grandpa mount it for her. Marty released a 20" walleye. They had nice 14-15" walleyes and their biggest sauger measured 14". They also caught 2 whitefish. Phil, Joe, Gordy & Eric had slow fishing in their house. They kept 5 the first day and then 6 the second day. They had 14" and up fish and also caught 2 whitefish. Jon, Jim & Jason had great fishing, getting their limits plus 6 tullibees. They released a 22" and Jim released a 26" pike. John, Shannon, Marissa & Alex had a slow day on Friday keeping only 9 fish. Saturday they did better keeping 17 fish with the biggest measuring 18". No slot fish caught.

December 28, 2013: Jeff, Jon and Roger fished two days doing well. They caught 6 different species of fish including perch, pike, pout, tullibee, sauger and walleye. They ate fish during their stay and went home just 4 short of their limits. 18" walleye was their nicest keeper and they kept 14, 15 and 15 1/2" fish. They caught 66 fish the first day out and another 41 the second day. Jon released a 28" pike. They had a great time. Kalin, Ken & Bob had a good time. They kept 7 their first day out plus Kalin battled a huge pike for 15 minutes before getting it up the hole. It measured a whopping 39"! Way to go Kalin!! Their biggest keeper measured 16". Jimmy & Jessie stayed in their fish house on the ice Thursday night. They caught fish continuously, leaving Friday with their limits. They had 8 nice walleyes measuring 19" and they kept nice saugers using orange glass jigs and gemini's. They also put back a 23" walleye. Way to go!! Warren's group had a slow day on Friday fishing the afternoon and keeping 10. Saturday Tom, Warren, Beau, Levi, Travis & Dennis kept 29-30 fish and put back lots of small ones. Rich's group did well on Friday and said they caught quite a few. Saturday was slower but they did get 17" and 19" fish. Jonathan, Jim & Jason caught 59 fish, kept 9 saugers/walleyes and 3 tullibees. They also put back a 22" walleye. Grandpa Kevin, Dan and 5 yr old Ronin stayed in a sleeper house and had a slow bite. Ronin caught 5 fish. They got some whites and kept 10 sauger/walleyes. Rod, Jeremy, Jennifer & Eric spent one night in a wheelhouse keeping 11. Roger's group split up into two houses with 4 in each house. Roger's house did well catching 69 fish on Friday and 52 fish on Saturday. The other house caught 20 fish each day. They also put back a 21" walleye and had a 17" sauger. Jeremy, Tom, John & Jerry stayed in sleeper house. Friday they caught 28 fish, kept 9 saugers and 3 walleyes. Saturday they caught 30 fish and kept 8 saugers and 3 walleyes. Sunday they fished til noon and kept 3 saugers and 1 walleye and 1 pout. They also released a 21" walleye. They caught 4 tullibee, 1 pout, 2 perch and 1 crappie!Way to go guys!  Matt fished in his house alone and kept 5 fish. His heater wasn't working right so he loaded up and headed home on Saturday. Very windy this weekend, snowing and cold. Going to be cold all next week with lows at -35 to -40 at night and highs during day of only -10 to -15 degrees. The weather change/cold front did slow down the bite for this weekend.

December 22, 2013: Still some great fishing happening. Brian, Joe, Joel, Andy & Rob did well with the group keeping 16 fish on Saturday including 7-8 nice 15-16" walleyes. Plus they put back 20", 22", 23" and 26" fish. Their first day out they killed em" catching 70 fish. Steve & Scott caught 21 fish and kept 10 including 17-19" keepers. Josh & John were in a sleeper house and caught 75 fish and quite a few burbots. They released two 23 1/2" walleyes and took home limits. Grant, Keith, Dave & Howie had some really nice fish with nothing under 14". They kept 30 fish and had some really nice 18-19" walleyes and some nice saugers also. They caught 140 fish total. Crystal, Sherry, Lucinda & Terri fished yesterday and came in with 25 keepers. They put back lots of small fish plus Crystal caught a beauty 25 1/2" walleye. Way to go Crystal!! She and Sherry each got a big eelpout. This was Lu's first time ice fishing and she had fun! Terri caught two 19" walleyes and we all caught some nice 15" saugers making a nice bucket of fish. Merlin, Jesse, Eain & Scott fished alongside of us and they did well keeping 20 fish. Merlin caught a nice 28" walleye on a chartreuse whistler. Way to go Merlin!! Scott caught and released a 34" pike. Way to go Scott!!  Sam and Chris fished a couple of hours in the afternoon and kept 2 fish. Mark's group did well keeping 18 and released 22" and 25" walleyes. Nathan & his son Tanner fished 1 1/2 days and had great fishing catching 35-40 fish the first day out and keeping 12. They had a fish fry, then fished til 12:30 or so the next day and came in with enough to get their limits. They kept all 14" and up fish and said they caught 30-35 today. They also put back a 22" walleye. Way to go guys!! Brian, Karl, Dan & Brendan used portables out of Adrian's and caught 80 fish on Saturday, plus 60 more on Sunday. They had 5-6 keepers measuring 19" and Dan put back 20 1/2" and 26 1/2" walleyes. Way to go Dan!! Laird & Bob fished two days, getting their llimits with nice saugers on the second day. Their biggest fish measured 18 7/8". Sam & Chris fished the afternoon into the evening and kept 7 including a nice 19" walleye caught by Samantha. Billy, Brad, Chris & Colton caught 52 fish yesterday, keeping 16. Monday they caught more fish but they were smaller, around 60 fish. They kept 7 today. They also had 5 whitefish and 2 pout. They put back lots of 10" fish. Very cold this weekend with 22 below Saturday morning and 30 below Sunday morning. High of -14 today. Still only 13" or so of ice most places.  

December 18, 2013: Linda & Keith had a good day catching 52 fish today and keeping 11. Linda released a 24 1/2" walleye and Keith released a 22". Way to go!! Bill & Jerry had good fishing going home with limits of 15-18" walleyes and they had very nice saugers all measuring 13" and up. The first day out they said a plain hook worked best and their second day the fish were agressive and it didn't matter what they used. The Eliason family fished a half day on Tuesday getting 5 keepers. They went home with close to their limits. Ron & Eldon caught their limits and released a 22" walleye. Jason, Kevin, Dale & Nate had great fishing. They caught 80 fish the first day out, another 100 the second day out and 71 fish the 3rd day. They kept all 14" and bigger fish, headed home with limits and ate fish. They have bneen staying with us for 7 years and said every year the fishing gets better! Dale released 22" and 24 1/2" walleyes. Way to go Dale! Swedish pimple was working well with a frozen shiner. Jack, Linus, Clarence & Andy fished two days and said they ate fish and took home quite a few. Andy released a 26" walleye. Way to go Andy!! Steve, Kenny & Mike fished two days and did well. They said the first day was slow (Monday) but did better on Tuesday and got close to their limits. Brian, Clayton, Dale & George had good fishing both days. Clayton and Dale caught 57 fish together on Tuewsday. Clayton caught a 24" pike. They limited on walleyes with nice 17 1/2' and 4 saugers all 15 1/2". Brian caught an 18 1/2" walleye. Way to go guuys! They also caught 1 tullibee. Bill's group kept 9 walleyes and 10 saugers - all very, very nice fish. Rod fished two days and did well. He released 20 fish and kept his limits of walleyes and saugers. Dan Klampe fished alone and did very well catching 75 fish and saying he caught 25 by 9:30 am. He kept his limit of nice 14" and up walleyes and saugers and released 19 3/4" and 22" walleyes. He also caught a 28" pike. Way to go Dan!! John, Ed, Al, Mike, Dave & Paul caught 36 fish the first day out and their second day they caught 24 saugers and walleyes with the biggest keeper measuring 18". Mike released a 26" walleye, Dave released a 25 1/2" walleye and Al released a 33" pike. Way to go guys!!

December 16, 2013: The Eliason boys are here and having a great time. They fished the afternoon yesterday and brought in 10 keepers. Today they fished a full day with Gary, Dave, Peter, Joe, John, Eric & Josh bringing in 50 keepers. They had a good bite til noon and then from 4pm on. They kept all 14" and up fish. No slots caught today. Bill's group did well with them keeping 13 saugers with one measuring 19" and 11 walleyes. They had a nice pail of fish! Rod fished alone going out around 10am. He did well bringing in 4 saugers and 2 walleyes. He threw back 5 fish.

December 15, 2013: Very cold weekend but fish still biting! 29 below this morning. Is it ever going to warm up just a bit? Adam, Kevin, Shawn, Steve and Rod fished a couple of days with their portables, moving around. Adam and Kevin caught 51 fish plus Adam released a 20" walleye. Shawn released two 22's and a 24" walleye. Way to go guys! Steve & Rod were also present but only kept 3. Carrie, Sherry, Crystal & Jacob fished the late afternoon and kept 4. Brad, Amanda, Jason, Carl & Nikki fished the morning from about 7:30 til 10am and kept 5 plus one whitefish. They are using portables. Yesterday they did better getting more fish. Mike, Gina & 8 yr old Chase had a great weekend fishing in one of our houses. They caught 103 fish on Saturday! Way to go! Jamie fished with his 9 yr old nephew Brody. They did well catching 40 fish on Saturday before 2pm. Jamie released a 23" walleye and Brody released a 22" walleye. They got their limits. Drue & Sylvia used their portables and caught over 40 fish, threw back 25 and also put back a 26" walleye. Way to go! They limited. Kevin & Jose' were in a wheelhouse with each of them catching 40 fish or so. They didn't get any slot fish but they kept limits of all nice 15-17" walleyes and saugers. Craig's group fished with portables and did well also. Bring your warm clothes. Had to jump start 3 vehicles at resort this morning plus numerous ATV's.  

December 13, 2013: Friday the 13th was unlucky day for some and lucky for others! Jason's group started the day out with a bad twist; his new truck caught on fire in the driveway here - they got the fire out quick but needed the truck towed to a shop. They didn't get out fishing til around 2pm with their portables. Brad, Amanda, Carl, Nikki and Jason kept 10 walleyes. On the brighter side,Jim did excellent staying in his house overnight on the ice. He caught his limit and lost a big one in the hole. He went through 3 dozen minnows in just over 24 hours. Tim & George used their portables and did well - they ate fish and took home limits of all nice 18" fish. George released a 26" walleye. Way to go George!! Mike, Gina and 8 yr old Chase had a great day catching 40 walleye/saugers and keeping nice limits. Their largest fish was 19". The Lakeville South Girls Hocky Team fished today. Megan, Anna, Malia, Maile, Macey, Emily, Taylor, Jenna, Elle, Lindsay, Kaitlyn, Amanda & Kallie are the Dirty Dozen plus Kallie (goalee). They had a blast today! Megan & Anna won the money for the biggest fish at 27" which was an eelpout plus they got an extra $10 for getting a pout. A 25 1/2" walleye was caught by the Stepfan, Reed and Boisjolie family members followed by a 24" walleye caught by the Stepfan family. The group came in with 78 keepers including one pike and the pout. They had a big fish fry tonight. Tomorrow they head to Warroad, Roseau and Thief River Falls for games this weekend. Good Luck team!!

December 12, 2013: Ed had super good fishing today, getting his limit of nice 17-19" walleyes plus his saugers. He said some of the fish were finicky and others were very agressive. He released a 26" pike plus walleyes measuring 28", 27", 25", two 22" and one 19 1/2". Way to go Ed!! He said the bite was best in the am from 9-10am and then again from 1-2pm and from 4pm on. Missy, Steve & 8 yr old Stephanie had great fishing.They kept and released lots of 16-17" fish plus released a couple of 23", 22"s and 20" walleyes. Stephanie was on her first ice fishing trip to Lake of the Woods and she had fun. She caught a 22" walleye on a glow red/pink Gemini and her other keepers were 17". Way to go Stephanie!! Lester, Richie & Mike had a good day. Lester released a 23" and Mike lost a nice one in the hole. Jimmy & Dean fished two days doing well. They kept all 17-19" walleyes and had an 18" sauger. They released 20 1/2", 22" and 24" walleyes. Way to go guys!! Jim, Bob, Keith & Laird did good and said they were so busy with fish they could only fish one line. Jim had a big sturgeon on and they all got a slot walleye. Dave's group did well getting nice fish and limiting out. One of them caught and released a 29" walleye. Way to go!! Ken's group also did well keeping 14 1/2" to 15" fish plus a 15 1/2" sauger and a 19 1/4" walleye. We have 14" of ice now. Still using Geo Trackers and carts. No big trucks going on the lake yet.

December 10, 2013:  Another good day of fishing. Ken, Brian & Marvin limited today keeping all fish in the 15-16 1/2" range. Marvin released a 23 1/2" he caught early in the day. Missy, Steve and their 8 yr old daughter Stephanie are having a blast catching lots of fish. Mike, Brad, Dan & Tony fished two days and did very well. They kept their limits of walleyes and saugers plus threw back lots of big ones. Dan released 26" walleye, Mike 22" and Tony caught a 19 3/8" walleye. Way to go guys!! They said they kept all nice fish. Lester and Rich are doing well getting lots of nice fish. Lester released a 26 1/2" followed by a 27" about 4 minutes later, right before dark. Rich released a 25" walleye and they also put back a couple of 20" walleyes. They said the fishing is awesome. Jesse & Travis limited on both using gold and red glow ants. Travis released a 25" walleye. Way to go Travis!! Aaron, Scott, Troy, Eric, Matt, Slice, Bob, Matt, & Greg used their portables and did well getting  their limits of walleyes and close to getting their saugers, plus eating fish. They kept all 15-19" fish and were in 14-16' of water. They released lots of 19's, 21's, 22's and figure they had 25-30 fish over 20".  Scott released a 26 21/2" and he lost a bigger one in the hole. They also ate fish while staying.

December 8, 2013: Happy Birthday Merlin Johnson!!!  The fish are still biting. Guess they don't care how cold it gets with temp of 30 below this morning, burrrrr. Yesterday Tim's group went onto the ice around 11am, fishing til dark. They came in with 19 walleye/saugers and released the following: Tim 24 1/2" & 27 1/2" walleyes, Andy released a 27 3/4" walleye and Scott released a 23 1/2" walleye. Way to go guys!! Today they fished til noon and had another good day keeping 19 saugers, 9 walleyes and 1 perch.They had some really nice fish! Travis and Oliver were also along and caught lots of keeper fish. Jerry & Vicki did well yesterday again, with Jerry releasing six walleyes measuring 21", 22", 23" and 24". Vicki released 24" and 25" walleyes. Way to go you two!! They caught lots of fish and took home their limits. Sam & Chris went out around 3pm today catching 32 fish and keeping 10 with the largest measuring 15". Good colors this weekend were white & green Gemini, white & pink Gemini and white & pink rock'n'rolls. Gold was also great and red glow ants plus anything with red glow. We have 6 fish houses on the lake and the rest are going out tomorrow. Will be taking the sleeper houses out soon. Will check the ice thickness tomorrow. Still have some portable groups in camp and some are fishing pike today since they already have all their walleyes and saugers. Lots of happy fishermen and women in camp this weekend! 

December 7, 2013: Happy 50th Birthday to my brother Tim!!!  The morning started out with a bang! Fish were biting fantastic right away! Dr. Stone and Jerry are already back in with their limits of 8 fish by 11am, plus Ben released a 27 1/2" walleye. Way to go Ben!! They had a great time. All other houses are slamming fish also. Yesterday was slower with our group of 8 keeping 21 walleyes/saugers with some nice 18" plus they released a 21" and 23". They caught lots of small fish. Jesse & Travis are in portables. They kept two 16" and two 14" plus released a 21" walleye and lots of small fish 12" or smaller. They took home their limits. Jerry & Vicki are using portables and had better fishing today. Jerry released two 24", 26" walleyes plus he released 20 or so fish under 15" and 6 pike. He kept 4 walleyes measuring 18-19" and one 12" sauger. Vicki released two 22", 21" and 23" walleyes and an 8 lb pike. She also released 15 walleyes from 5" to under 16". She kept one 16" walleye. They are in the washout fishing shallow. We started using the Geo-Trackers with the carts today. No more wheelers!! Very cold this morning with temp of 20 below. No wind yet so far.

December 6, 2013: The ice fishing season is on and we have houses on the lake. The guys took out two houses this morning and put 8 guys out fishing in 19 feet of water. 9 good inches of ice out there. Vicki & Jerry are here using their portables and fishing the "washout". Jerry says there is only 5 inches of ice and after drilling the holes the water came up and flooded the ice, then froze over so he had a hard time getting their portables out at the end of the night. They got setup late but did catch some fish, with Vicki catching 10", 13" and 21" walleyes in 18 feet of water (all released. Jerry setup in 15 1/2" feet and caught 12", 14" and 16" walleyes. He kept just the 16" fish. 13 below this morning, not much for wind.


December 5, 2013: Lots of snow form the big storm, must have gotten around a foot of snow here in the past few days. The snow has stopped now and the winds are picking up. The guys are going out to the lake to see if we can get some houses out today. The crossing was cleared off. Right now we are shoveling and plowing out the resort. Will give a report when they have checked the ice for thickness and accessability.  

December 1, 2013: Dan went out on his sled today and fished on the lake in 20 feet of water. He fished for 2 hours and caught his limit of both walleyes and saugers out of Morris Point Resort. The resorts are working on getting the crossing cleared off tomorrow. Will probably start putting fish houses onto the lake mid week as long as everything goes smooth. Get ready to ice fish!!

November 28, 2013: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Pete and Steve checked the ice today, starting in our bay. There is a good 5-6 inches on the bay all the way out to the crossing. They walked over the crossing onto the lake over a bunch of shoved up ice around 5-6 feet tall. Ice measures 4 1/2" all the way out to 20 feet of water or so, then thins out. We are also pleased to announce our two new employees this winter; Chris Larson and Ronny Olson.

November 24, 2013:  Lake is frozen over as far as you can see out from Morris Point Resort. Cold temps this weekend with below zero temps a few nights. The Rainy River is also froze over. Will check it later this week. Getting ready for ice fishing!




Karl Oman holding 27 1/2" walleye - released

Pete holding 42" pike - released


Mike's (right) 28" walleye - released

Joel with a nice walleye

Nick with his 25" walleye - released

Sharon Barber with a nice keeper walleye

Kathy Hill with 20 1/2" walleye - released

The Hedin family after a day on the charter boat

Pete getting ready to clean the "catch of the day"!

Pete & Sam (right) with Sam's 28" walleye (released)

Wendy with her 27" walleye (released)

Ali's 24" walleye (released)

Dawson, Charlie, Sam & Julia (Julia's walleye-released)

Dawson's walleye (released)


November 17, 2013: Steve and Nick had super walleye fishing yesterday out of Lighthouse Gap in 24' of water. It was a sunny day with no wind and Steve said they caught at least 75 fish by noon, sorting out the small ones and keeping nice ones. The clouds moved in around 2pm and the bite stopped. They came in with limits of saugers and walleyes. Scott and his group didn't do as well. They fished near Steve and Nick for awhile but they just weren't getting into them so they headed to Long Point area and fished near the red buoy. They got some but not as good as yesterday when they did pretty good, getting some keepers and putting back a 25" walleye. Steve also hunted for deer but no luck. Only 2 deer taken out of our camp this season. Don't have anymore hunters checking in and just waiting for ice. Our bay is now slushy/ice with the warmer temps we are having. We have snow covered ground but just barely.

November 13, 2013: Steve, Pete & Terri went fishing out of the river. Can't launch a boat out of our place as we have ice on the bay all the way out. We put the boat in at Wheeler's Point, headed toward the lake but couldn't get on the lake. Too much ice jammed in the gap from the river thawing out. We fished in 18 ft of water in Four MIle Bay just off the river and got into the walleyes just before dark. Terri caught a small pike and then Pete caught a small pike. Then the walleyes started biting with Pete landing a nice 19 1/4" followed by Steve with another one the same size! We caught a couple more and one nice sauger and it was near dark so we headed in. By the way, the docks are out at the public access.

November 11, 2013: Greg McNevin shot a 8 pt buck yesterday. Real nice one!! Mike in Cabin #1 also got a spike buck, a big bodied deer with small horns. Steve saw a huge buck this morning but too far away. Yesterday Steve, Greg, Travis, Aaron & Troy went walleye fishing out of Light house Gap but it was slow. They caught some small walleyes and came in with 2 keeper walleyes. They fished from 10am til dark. Cold today with high around 16 degrees and some scattered snow on the ground. The bay is froze over tight.

October 27, 2013: Temps are much cooler this past week but still some fishing going on. Brian, Troy, Chris, Eric & Aaron tried many spots this weekend, going to the river, Lighthouse Gap, Morris Gap and in front of Pine Island. They did best at the latter spot and kept 15 fish on Friday plus another 8 for Saturday, which was a much slower day; mostly saugers caught. They also caught an eelpout. Denny & Francine grouse hunted, getting one and missing one and they also tried fishing from shore on the river at Manitou Rapids, but no bites. Terri & Pete fished the evening bite at Morris Gap Saturday but only caught a few small fish and missed lots of bites. The water was pretty dirty. No wind and pretty nice for 47 degrees. Georgeous sunset tonight. We are fall cleaining the cabins and waiting for the deer season opener. Pete took the big boat out of the water and put it away for the year. What a bummer! Goodbye fall fishing!

October 22, 2013: Brian, Chad & Dave got out fishing today and did very well, getting lots of bites and bringing in 15 nice keepers. Cold today with high of 36 but no wind.

October 21, 2013 8pm: The guys tried fishing this afternoon but too cold and too rough. They toughed it out for an hour but no bites so they came in.

October 21, 2013: Woke up this morning to a couple of inches of wet snow on the ground and temp of 28 degrees. Only one cabin in camp and they plan on fishing the afternoon. Will let you know how they do.

October 20, 2013: Happy Birthday to our nephew Matt!! Was a pretty good weekend of fishing all in all. All groups battled the wind and cold rain sprinkles on Thursday with 5-7 foot waves on the lake. Some did fish the lake but most were on the river that day. Friday was a nicer day with light winds but the bite slowed down quite a bit. Saturday was slow in the morning and picked up in the afternoon out of Lighthouse Gap. Hardly any wind and sunny. Connor, Todd, Adam & Stevie had excellent fishing. They caught 75 fish Thursday on the river and Connor and Stevie both had sturgeons on. Friday on the lake they caught 117 fish and another 109 for Saturday. Connor released a 20 1/2", Todd released 21 1/2" and 23 1/2" walleyes and Adam released a 21 1/4" and 24". Way to go guys! They also caught 10 perch with the largest measuring 12 1/2-13". Chad, Brian and Seth also did well getting their limits and Chad getting one perch. He also released a 25 1/2" walleye, Brian released two 22" walleyes and Seth had 18" and 19" walleyes. Cory, Lloyd, Tyler and Austin caught lots of fish but mostly small fish. They took home limits. Cory released an 8 lb pike, Tyler released a 24" walleye and they also put back a couple of 20 1/2". Austin cuaght a sturgeon. Jason, Ralph, Dominic & Kayla had a great time catching lots of fish, eating meals twice and taking home limits of nice fat fish (I saw their catch). Jason, Ralph and Kayla all released 20" walleyes plus Kayla also put back a 21" walleye. Way to go!! Pete, Terri, Charlie, Sam and 9 yr old Dawson kept 3 walleyes caught at Morris Gap on Friday. The bite was very slow, mostly catching small fish. Saturday they had better luck at Lighthouse Gap in 23 feet of water. Charlie had on a big pike he lost at the boat and Pete caught a 42" pike that barely fit into the net! Dawson learned how to bait his own hook, set the jig on bottom and caught his limit on his own today. He had a fun day and said the best park was seeing the big northern. They brought in 15 keepers including some nice 16-19" walleyes. Sunday morning was rain plus sleet and everyone headed for home.

October 17, 2013: Jack & Buck grouse hunted and got a few plus they fished. They ate fish twice and took home limits. Buck caught a nice 18" sauger. Jim's gropup spent a week fishing the river and the lake. They did well getting their limits and released a 20" walleye. Gary & Karl had good fishing at Clementson on the river. Karl caught and released a 27 1/2" walleye. See photo above. Way to go Karl!!

October 15, 2013: The wind and rain slowed fishing this weekend for some. It was windy Friday and on thru the weekend but some still managed to get fish. Brian took out Kevin and Hose' Friday evening and they caught their limits of walleyes in just 45 minutes at the Morris Gap area jigging with shiners. They also caught a nice 25" walleye they let go. Hose' called his grandparents to tell them about the awesome bite and they headed up here on Sunday to fish Monday. Brian took them out and they caught their limits in 45 minute again! Super bite on right now! The shiners are running and walleyes are stacked up out front this fall. Brian took out Greg, Travis and Matt for the evening Sunday, getting their limits of nice fat walleyes. It rained most of the day here on Tuesday but then cleared up late evening and sunny skies for Wednesday and high in 50's. Youth hunt starts Oct 17th. Pete & Terri just returned from pheasant hunting in North Dakota for 4 days. Lots of birds this year where we hunted. Jiggs did really well and had a great time. Pete got his limit and had lots of fun! It was hard to leave even though the weather was cold and rainy there.

October 9, 2013: Awesome fishing tonight!! Brian, Terri & Pete went out at 4pm and fished just til dark. The bite was on in 20 feet of water immediately, just out of the Morris Gap. About the same amount of boats out there tonight again. We caught fish after fish and got some really nice ones. Brian released a 27" walleye. Way to go Brian!! Terri released a 20". We came in with 9 really nice walleyes and 6 nice saugers. It was warm today with high near 65 or so and no wind. Beautiful sunset tonight again!! Supposed to be another great day tomorrow.

October 8, 2013: Roger Redpath just fished two days by himself and did very well, catching tons of fish. He said for every 25 fish he caught he put one in the box after sorting and keeping all 18-19" walleyes. He went through 7 bags of shiners today by himself! He put back a 21" walleye. Pete, Terri, Matt & Brian fished the Morris Gap this evening and caught lots of small fish and also nice eaters. We kept 11 walleyes/saugers. No big fish caught. Around a dozen boats out fishing this evening and seeing the nets going out everywhere. Georgeous weather this week. No wind on the lake and beautiful sunset.

September 30, 2013: Pete did a charter today taking out David & Cheryl with Brian coming along. Was a little windy in the morning but not too bad when they left the dock. Forecast prediccted 45 MPH winds arriving around 11am. They headed to Zippel to get out of the west winds and did catch some fish but it got rough and kept getting rougher with the waves growing. They had a hard time feeling the bite it was so choppy. They did bring in 7 walleyes and Pete lost a big walleye near the boat. They were back to the dock by 11:30 and it took 3 of us to get the boat into the dock as it was already gusting near 40 MPH. We lost quite a few shingles off the cabins today.

September 25, 2013: Pete and Rod went spruce grouse hunting today and did well with the dogs (Jiggs & Lucy) doing a great job. They came back with their limits after just a couple of hours of walking with the dogs.  

September 18, 2013: Pete and Terri went on a charter with Mike & Christina today. We bait fished out of Lighthouse Gap and did pretty good, along with lots of other boats. Christina caught the first walleye measuring 23". Way to go Christina!! Terri followed with a 22" and then we started getting into some keepers and some small fish. Terri released a 26" walleye and Mike caught and released a beauty 27 1/2" walleye! Way to go Mike!!  Pete also put back a slot fish. We jigged with frozen shiners and went through alot of bait. Around 1:30 we put the riggers down and caught more but was a slower bite with that method. We did put 3 or 4 more nice walleyes in the box and some saugers, coming in with 20 keepers. We were told fishing yesterday was a super day. Today it was cloudy with a lighter wind, as yestserday they had sunshine but high winds. Looks like the walleyes are moving in closer and saw lots of groups of shiners on the graph. The leaves are starting to change.

Septmeber 16, 2013: We have retuned from our trip out west elk hunting and trout fishing. This year Pete's sister Diana and her 26 yr old son Matt flew to the Jackson Hole Airport where we picked them up. Matt & Pete hunted in the rain and fog, saw some elk but never got a chance to shoot one. Terri & Diana spent their time fishing several differeent streams for trout. The girls caught lots of fish this year and it was Diana's first time fishing trout. She caught a beautiful 20" cut throat for her first fish. It went right to the taxidermy, of course! They caught lots of cut throats and also each caught a brook trout for the first time. Alex (who just got married to Sam (Pete's guide) took the girls fishing on the wheeler to the creeks behind the ranch (Sleeping Indian Outfitters). We all caught lots of fish and Alex was fly fishing. We had a blast! No elk but lots of fish this year. We had a great time and sent Diana and Matt back home on Saturday  by plane and Pete and I headed home by truck.

September 4, 2013: Georgeous weather all week. Steve, Bruce & Eric fished for 3 days and did really well downrigging. They ate fish while staying and took home their limits. They said they didn't get any slot walleyes but caught lots of nice keepers. Our friend Bob Zimmerman stopped by the other day with a nice gift for the resort. He hand carved and painted an eagle sculpture!  What a nice guy! Chedck out the phot above. Zimm did it!!

September 2, 2013: Steve, Bruce & Eric downrigged today and came in with 12 keepers. No slots caught. Everyone else in camp headed home.

September 1, 2013: Windy with big waves on the lake. No one going fishing today. Raining off and on all day and high around 60 degrees.

August 31, 2013: Very nice day with hardly any wind and sunny. Pete did a charter taking out Mike, Joel, Jay, Nick, Ben, Don & Greg. They had a really good morning getting into the fish and putting back some nice slots also. Joel caught the first 2-3 walleyes in the slots. Mike released a 28" walleye and Nick released a 25". Ben also put back a 20" and they had a few more slots. Way to go guys!! They came in with 30 keepers and had a great day. Kevin, Jose and Mark fished around Pine Island in the evenings and morning and did well getting around 20 fish. Their largest meausred 16" and they had 12-14" fish.They had a good time. We had another storm roll through tonight around 8pm with high winds and some small hail. We have gotten close to 5 inches of rain in the past 8 days.

August 24, 2013: Brad & Billy used a small boat and trolled for a few days. They released some slot walleyes including 23's, 24's and Brad got a 26". They also had a couple of big pike and one that went thru the net. Shane, Dave, Chris, Ben, Dave & Joe downrigged and did good. Todd & Scot downrigged and did well limiting and eating fish. They kept all nice 18-19" walleyes and had 16" saugers. They released lots of slots in the 20-25" range including a 23", 24" and 25 1/2". Aaron, AJ, Tom, Olivia, Alana and Cameron went on the charter with Pete. It was windy and rough and they came back in at 10:30 as a couple of the kids were feeling sick. They had already released 2 slots and put 4 in the box. They left the  dock 1/2 hour later with one less person on board and fished the remainder of the day, keeping around 20 fish. Shannon & Destiny and the smaller kids; Kaylee, Autumn and Hunter all went to the beach swimming and they also went shopping in town. Everyone had a great time. We had a severe storm last night with high winds, and lots of rain, getting 1 3/4". Lots of branches down this morning.  

August 21, 2013: A fun charter trip today with Pete, Terri, Robyn, Sue, Sharon, Rolland, Jim & Kathy heading out for a day of fishing . We headed across the lake before the wind picked up and fished off the northeast side of Garden Island, drifting with jigs. We had a couple of bites but was slow so Pete moved up to the west of Little Oak. We tied on spinner rigs and starting gettting into fish with Sharon catching the first walleye which was a nice 19" for the box. The wind was picking up and then dying down so we had to troll slowly with our spinner rigs. Then we got into some action. Kathy Hill caught the largest walleye of the day measuring 20 1/2". Way to go Kathy. We fished til 1pm or so and then headed up to Sunset Lodge on Oak Island for some lunch. We had a wonderful meal and then went for a ride around the island. On the way back everyone was content with the fish in the box and we decided to head for the south shores as it was past 3pm. We came to the docks with 15 walleyes, 2 saugers. Rolland caught 2 sucker fish today and Pete said we would have to start calling him the "sucker king"! We had a really fun day. Brian's charter got a late start today but they did well finding fish off of Little Oak and they came in with 18 keepers. Beautiful weather here the past month and hotter temps on the way. Blueberry picking is pretty much done, just a few good ones left.

August 18, 2013: Brian took out John, Brittany, Ben & Jessie fishing. They had high winds with big waves and tough fishing. They got a few and also lost a big one by the boat.  

August 11, 2013: Craig, Donna, Justin, Andrea, Justin, Callie, Brendan & Abby spent the weekend fishing and going to the beach. They downrigged off of Long Point and did well despite the wind. Andrea got sick from the waves and came in early but the others stayed fishing. They caught 37 fish and kept 19 on Friday. Saturday they had hardly any wind and slower fishing. They caught 21; kept 14. Craig and Justin had a double with Justin releasing a 24" walleye and Carig released a 25 1/2" walleye. 7 yr old Abby caught and released a 26 1/2" walleye and Craig got his biggest walleye in his life; getting a 28" that he put back. Way to go Craig, Justin & Abby!! They had a great time. Brian ran a charter taking out a group of 6 and doing great. They caught lots of fish, limiting out plus putting back some big walleyes. We are having beautiful weather with highs in the 70's and lots of sunshine. Pete & Terri went blueberry picking today and came home with 2 1/2 gallons.

August 5, 2013: Another beautiful day on the lake. Rain last night but clearing off this morning and no wind. Pete, Terri, Tim & April headed out at 9am to try some downrigging but never even got to their destination as they were detoured by a distrees call on a boat being broke down 5 mile out. We found the people drifting and hooked up a tow rope to haul them in. We decided to try downrigging while towing them and were able to put out 3 lines with them behind us. The two in tow also put down a couple of riggers and fished. We caught 8-10 fish, keeping 5 of them; 1 nice walleye and 4 saugers. The boat in tow kept 3-4 plus released a 24" walleye.

August 4, 2013: Pete ran a charter today again taking out Ross, Neil, Reed, Jeff, Matt & Mike. They wanted to do some downrigging as they had never tried it. They had a great day, caught lots of fish and Neil said they "had a wonderful time". They released some slot fish as follows: Neil 27", Ross 22", Reed 23 1/2", Jeff 26", Matt 20" and Mike's largest fish was 19". Good job guys! Scot, Todd, Ross & Andrew fished the weekend having a blast. They downrigged and did very well releasing lots of walleyes in the 20-24" range plus they also put back two 25", three 26" plus 29" and 30" walleyes! Way to go guys!! Steve Sweet ran a charter for us taking out Neil, Ross, Reed, Jeff, Matt & Mike yesterday. They bait fished up near the islands and had a good day despite the high winds. They said they enjoyed their day with Steve and came into shore with their limits of walleyes. They had a big fish fry tonight. Pete ran a charter taking out (for their 2nd day) Beth, Todd, Keith, Lori, Nancy & Scott. They fished two days with Pete and had great fishing bringing in their limits of fish the first day out and eating fish that night. Beth took the lead with the largest walleye measuring 26". They also got 5-6 more slot fish they put back They had a great time!

August 3, 2013: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PETE!!! Mark, Bob, Barrett & Adrian spent a couple of days on the lake downrigging. They had excellent fishing bringing in their limits plus putting back a few hogs. Mark released 28" and 29" walleyes and they had a 25" also. Way to go guys!!  Rose & Larry are here for their honeymoon. They have had windy days and tough fishing. Rose released 21" and 23 3/4" walleyes and they kept a few saugers. Way to go Rose!! Terri, Tim & April went blueberry picking today and filled their pails. Still lots of berries and still about 25% of the green ones left to ripen. Should be around for another week or more!

July 30, 2013: Jamie & Terry spent a few days on the lake after waiting for the wind to die down this weekend. Jamie had a 'hayday" catching lots of big walleyes. They downrigged near the 9 footer and did really well getting their limits. Terry released a 23" walleye and Jamie released 26", two 27", 28" and 31 1/2" walleyes. Wow!! Way to go Jamie!!!


July 29, 2013: Great day on the water today with light winds, lots of sunshine and perfect temps. My brother Charlie, his wife Wendy and their 4 kids, Ali, Sam, Julia & Dawson are here for a few days of fun. We went out on the boat today starting out bait fishing in the middle of the lake in 32 feet of water. Ali caught the first fish which was a 20" walleye. Sam caught the second walleye measuring 22". No other bites so we headed out to join the pack way out past Long Point where everyone was downrigging. We set the riggers and started getting fish pretty quick. Lots of big walleyes caught today and lots of fish on the graph everywhere up there. Sam caught the largest fish of the day with his 28" walleye that he released. Way to go Sam! endy took second with her 27 " walleye. Way to go Wendy!! Ali followed behind with a 24" walleye plus a 22". The group also caught lots of 22" and 21" and 20" walleyes that we put back. We also put back lots of small fish., keeping 18 for eating. We had a really fun time! Everyone out there was catching fish. Yesterday we went out late afternoon and tried downrigging. Sam caught the biggest measuring 24" and Ali caught a 21" walleye. We kept 10 to bring in. Saturday was too windy for fishing so everyone in camp went blueberry picking. Lots of berries now, the most we have seen in years and they are aplenty. Also picked June berries and raspberries. Jared's group fished Sunday and had a slow day keeping only one walleye. Today they had better luck going out deeper and bringing in a few more fish. Jamie and his fishing partner did well on Sunday afternoon but no numbers from them yet. Dan Lindquist caught and released a 39 1/2" pike this weekend. Way to go Dan!! Steve's group was here a few days but had bad weather for fishing. High winds and rain. They golfed but didn't really get to fish much while here.

July 21, 2013: Less wind today and sunny skies. Mike, Galen, Jim, Jay & David went out for a second day of charter fishing with Pete. They bait fished for most of the day but weren't getting lots of keepers so they switched over to downrigging for the afternoon and got some more nice walleyes, getting the 12 fish they needed to take home limits. Tracy & Perry bait fished along Long Point and said they ended up getting their walleyes at Lemm's Reef. They came in with 8 saugers and 4 walleyes. Blueberry picking has begun and there are lots this year. Raspberries are also ready. Looking forward to nice temps this upcoming week. Lots of empty cabins ready for you to enjoy!

July 20, 2013: Pete did a charter taking out Mike, David, Jim, Jay & Galen. They downrigged today and did very well around Garden Island and west of there. They brought in 12 really fat 18-19" walleyes and some smaller ones. They caught their limits. David released a 22" walleye, Jay released 22" and 24" walleyes and Jim took the lead with the largest walleye measuring 24 1/2". Way to go guys!! They also had a couple of 21".

July 13, 2013: Perfect day on the lake with light winds, lots of sun and lots of fish to catch! Pete, Terri, Sherry, Merlin, Crystal, Scott, Sharon & Rolland headed out in the fog onto the lake. We were still able to see far enough to travel at a good speed. It was a perfect day. We pulled up along Knight and Bridges Islands trying spinner rigs and jigs. No bites so we headed up to the south end of Garden Island and did a few drifts there, getting some fish. Terri released a 21" walleye and Sharon released a 20 1/2" walleye. We put a few in the box. Then we headed north of Garden and fished off of Little Oak and also around a few other islands. We did really well with frozen shiners and jigs, putting quite a few in the box. We then headed to Sunset Lodge on Oak Island for some lunch. After lunch we went back to our good fishing spot and put some more in the box, coming back to the resort with 34 keepers. Terri also put back a pike around 28" and we threw back lots of little fish also. We saw baby pelicans being fed by their mothers on one of the rock islands. They didn't have their wing feathers completely yet and were all fluffy with white down. First time we ever saw them. Brain, Tim, Gene, Gary & Lamar went along today in another boat and they had a great day coming in around 9pm with their limits of walleye and saugers. Gene caught a wall mounter walleye measuring 29 1/2". Way to go Gene! He was quite proud of that fish and is off to the taxidermy! 

June 11, 2013: Dave, Mike, Mark & Jim headed out with Pete for another day on the water. They worked hard for the 8 fish they needed, leaving the dock at 7am and taking all day to get them. They fished along Long Point and then Lemm's Rock where they landed at least 10 slot fish, all nice big ones. No keepers there so they had to move and searched all day, catching some really nice keepers just before the end of the charter. They said they had a great day and really had a fun time fishing with Pete. They figure they must have caught around 15-20 slots.  

July 10, 2013: Dave, Mike, Mark & Jim (all brothers) spent their second day on the lake with Pete having a wonderful day with just perfect weather. They started out at Zippel Bay bait fishing and getting two slot walleyes they released. They moved north along Sandy Shores towards Long Point, got a few saugers and another slot fish. Then they traveled around the end of Long Point past Twin Islands and fished that area, then went north off of Long Point and tried a few rock reefs where they caught big walleyes. They figured they caught around 15 big walleyes today with the largest measuring 29" caught by Mike! Way to go Mike! They really had fun drifting and said that leeches worked best today while crawlers worked best the day before. Then headed south back where they caught sauger and got into more saugers plus the keeper walleyes. They kept 8 saugers and 6 walleyes. Yesterday they had a good day but endured rough waters and rainy skies. They tried out front first but no luck, so headed across the lake towards Garden Island and ended up north of Little Oak, getting into some nice walleyes there. They came back to the dock with their limits of walleyes but no saugers. Big waves with northwest winds, 4-5 footers. Wild strawberries are in the woods and quite a few are getting picked. Still some Lady slippers around too!

July 6, 2013: The Johnson/Bock Family Reunion went well this year with everyone catching fish and having a great time! Lots of nice 15-16" saugers were caught and they also put back some slot fish. Delbert, Shirley, Teresa, Kedrick, LouAnn, Todd, Scot, Tanya, Pat, Kevin, Kristina, Ester, Diane and Raelynn all caught fish. LouAnn took the lead with the biggest walleye at 27". Way to go LouAnn!! Shirley came in second with a 26" walleye and two 25" walleyes! Way to go Shirley!! Teresa released a 24", Raelynn 22" and two 24" walleyes,  Delbert 24" and 25" walleyes plus a 32" pike, Ester 25" walleye. Diane caught a 19" smallmouth bass. Cool! The group had a couple of fish frys and took home some fish also. Ruth was here with Pete and I for a week and we did some fishing. Ruth and Pete  both caught 13" smallies. We pulled shadraps shallow in the morning and came back with 8 keepers.

July 4th, 2013: Happy 4th of July!! Went uptown for the fireworks and street dance tonight. They put on the best show so far this year for fireworks! Lots of big boomers that shook the ground and the floating raft on the bay went on for at least 3 minutes with lots of pretty colors. The guys in charge really did a super job! Yesterday Pete, Terri, Ruth, Sherry, Merlin, Carrie & Sara  boarded Pete's boat and then Brian took on board Crystal, Scott, Eain, Jesse, Jenny. We all planned to head up to Oak Island for the day. Brain had boat trouble right away and we waited a few miles out on the lake for him to get it going, throw our lines out jigging. Terri caught a 20" walleye on a shiner. We missed a few bites. It was a pretty slow bite and hardly no wind. Very hot out there today! We headed up towards Knight Island after finding out Brian's boat was out of commission. By then it was after noon and too late to head to the islands. We bait fished most of the day but it was slow. Then headed south towards Pine Island, passing by the other group who had boarded a boat out of the Elk Horn. We pulled plugs in front of Pine and got a few more, coming in with 8 keepers. The other group headed to Garden Island and stayed out til 7-8pm. They did well getting a bunch of walleyes and having a good time anyway.

July 1, 2013: Todd, Patrick, Scot & Tonya had a great day of fishing starting out with bait fishing and then switching over to downrigging up around Garden Island. They did well using tiger, black/silver and wonderbread raps. They brought in limits of both walleyes and saugers for all and Scot released a 26" walleye. Way to go Scot!! Pete ran charter boat taking out the Nielsen family for two am half day charters. Jeff, Nick, Wade, Madelyn, Stacy, Karen, Tom, and Zachary had a great time with the first day out being better. They kept a total of 34 fish for the two trips with the first day being better. No slot fish caught the first trip out but the second day Wade released a 23" walleye and Pete released a 22" walleye. It was much tougher today. No wind and very hot.

June 29, 2013: Steve, Kenny & Mike went out with Pete for a day of fishing. Pretty windy today with northwest winds so they headed over to Zippel Bay. They got a few fish but it slowed up so they tried several spots on the lake and ended up at Little Oak, getting some really nice fish up there yesterday. Today the the winds were a bit lighter and they fished several spots again, ending up back at Little Oak, but the fish weren't there. They fished Knight Island and then back to Lighthouse Gap and along Pine island. They mostly bait fished plus had Brian and Chad along today. They came in with their limits plus put back over 10 slot fish today with Kenny catching the largest walleye measuring 26 inches. Frozen shiners are working best and some leeches are getting them also. Not much for crawler action the past few days. Also got 4 nice pike today. The guys ate fish and also took home limits. They had nice sunny weather and looks like it will be hot and sunny all this week. 

June 25, 2013: Pete, Jim, Jessie, Karen & Dale went out on the charter boat. It was very hot with a high of 90 degrees and hardly any wind so fishing was tougher. They bait fished the first half of the day and then pulled shad raps the latter part. Jessie caught 8 slot fish from 20" up to 23" and no keepers. They caught most of their fish trolling coming in to the dock at 5pm with 12 keepers. No one else in camp til the weekend. Ladyslippers are in bloom and still getting some fresh asparagus!

June 22, 2013: More fishing reports from Traylen and Kelly's group. Traylen caught 3 walleyes on Thursday and Paula released a 30" pike plus she caught a small mouth bass and a 23" walleye she put back. Way to go Paula!! Friday Kelly caught a 16.5" walleye and Paula caught a pike measuring 28.5". Way to go girls. Fred, Kent & Dave tried the 9 footer today and only got one fish caught by Fred which was a 24:" walleye. They headed to Zippel Bay area and did good til the wind died down. Gold/pink, gold/chartreuse and plain gold worked well for them. They caught lots of fish during their week stay and had a good time.  

June 21, 2013: Still great fishing on the south shore and also some other areas of the lake. Pete, Terri, Greg, Sharon and 7 yr old Eain went out this afternoon fishing from 2pm til just before 5pm. We pulled shadraps in shallow water out front of Morris Gap and did well getting 16 keepers and putting back 5-6 slot fish and some small ones. Eain caught his first walleye and then many more plus he caught a nice pike. He had a fun day! Sharon caught the first 4-5 fish of the day with a clear holographic with rattles. She caught two walleyes around 21-22". The group also caught 5-6 pike and Terri caught a 16" smallmouth bass. We came into camp for a big fish fry with all the cabins hosted by Fred's cabin. It was a great feast. Fred, Kent & Dave have been here all week and are having a great time catching lots of fish. Traylen, Kelly, Paula and Dale are also here for the week and enjoying their stay. They have caught their limits and have been eating fish too. Tuesday Paul caught a 19" walleye and Traylen caught 4 eater walleyes, 1 small pike and 2 little walleyes plus a nice jumbo perch. Dale caught 4 walleyes and a 24" pike. On Wednesday Paula caught one walleye just a hair over 19.5 inches that she released. Kelly kept 18" and 19" walleyes and Traylen caught a 36" pike. Traylen also caught and released a 30" walleye, Kelly caught a 34" pike she released! Way to go you two!! Kent released a 30 1/2" pike and they have been catching lots of 16" walleyes to eat. They have released two 23" and also a 24" walleye.

June 19, 2013: Pete ran a charter taking out Chuck, Randy, Brian, Brady and Don. They all came from different cities to spend a few days fishing. Yesterday they went out for the afternoon jigging and got some fish. Today they fished a full day, jigging and gettin mostly too big or too small fish. The wind died down and it was a slow bite. Then they tried trolling in the later afternoon with shads and started catching some keepers. They released 7 slot fish and came in with 16 keepers. They had a hard time getting keepers as most fish caught today were too big or too small. Brian ran a charter taking out Roxy and Larry for a full day. They bait fished and trolled with spinners. Roxy caught fish on every technique they tried. They released one slot fish and came in with their limits of walleyes and saugers. They had fun!

June 15, 2013: Pete ran a charter taking out customers from Wheelers Point Resort along with 8 other boats. They headed up to Little Oak Island and fished using bait doing really well with all the boats getting nice fish and limiting out.

June 14, 2013: Has been a beautiful week here with temps in 70's mostly and just a few rain showers  in the evening. Everyone is catching lots of fish including pike, walleye, saugers, smallmouth bass and even a muskie! Gary, Darlene, Arnie, Jan, Monica, Taylor, Devin, 6 yr old Braysen, Mike, Joereg, Michelle, Rhonda & Tristan spent a week fishing and having a blast. Taylor & Devin have been fishing under the bridge right near the resort and getting some.Taylor caught a 31" pike today and he also got a 24" walleye yesterday under the bridge. While on the lake they have released lots of slot fish as follows: Arnie 36" pike, Jan 34" pike which is her largest fish ever in her life, Taylor 24" muskie, Rhonda 36 1/2" pike, Monica 34" pike & 21" walleye, Devin 24" walleye, Mike 25 1/2" walleye plus Arnie topped Mike and ended up getting a 26" walleye to win the family contest! Way to go Arnie!! They also put back more smaller slot fish. They mostly caught their fish using shadraps and rapalas in shallow water. They did use frozen shiners and got some also. 6 yr old Braysen caught a little pike off the dock and was very proud of that fish! Randy, Jack & Dave spent 3 days on the lake mostly up near Knight Island. Thursday was a great day with the 3 of them getting their limits of 16-19 1/2" walleyes in 2 1/2 hours using frozen shiners! Randy released a 24 3/4" and Jack released a 24" walleye. Good job guys!! They also released 9 other slot fish and 4 nice pike in the 27-28" range. They had a great time and also got a good sunburn! Bring your sunscreen and your mosquito spray. The mosquitoes are terrible right now.

June 13, 2013: Happy Birthday Jack Kipka!! Bruce, Eric & Steve had very good fishing getting their limits of nice walleyes and releasing two 24" walleyes. They caught very few saugers. Kurt, Mike, Larry, Bill, Ben & Seth spent a few days fishiong . They said spinenr rigs worked best for them. They have very good fishing getting their limits. Grandson Ben released a 25" walleye and Grandson Seth released a 22" walleye. Way to go boys!!  Randy, Jack & David fished near Garden Island and said they got five 14-16" walleyes on shiners and the rest of their fish measured 16-19". David released a 21" and Randy released 21" and 22" walleyes. Brian ran a charter trip taking out Harold and his 4 boys Eddy, James, Dave & Thomas. James got a nice 18" walleye, Eddy released a 21" and Harold released a 22 1/2" walleye. They also put back 8-9 small fish and missed quite a few bites. They brought in 20 keepers after fishing Lighthouse Gap, then on to Zippel, Long Point and back to Light house Gap and Pine Island, which was best.   

June 9, 2013: Pete had a couple of days of charters this weekend taking out Mike, Ed, Art, Lonny, Mike & Brian. Their first day out they caught lots of small walleyes & saugers and used up all of their bait, coming in with 18 keepers. Today they had better luck getting more nice fish and also catching more small fish. They anchored and jigged using live fatheads, frozen shiners, leeches and crawlers with all working, but the shiners were best. It was rainy for the afternoon but they kept fishing. The wind died down around 3pm so they trolled in 7 ft of water and got into some bigger fish. Ed released the biggest walleye measuring 25". Way to go Ed!! Art caught the biggest fish of the weekend with a 32" pike. He also put back 21" and 23 1/2" walleyes and kept four walleyes measuring 16-19". Way to go Art!! Lonny put back 20" and 24" walleyes and the group also put back a couple of 22" walleyes. Way to go! Lonny says they caught all the fish on the right side of the boat! They kept 29 today after eating their fish yesterday. Eain, Brice & Eli went out this afternooon for 3-4 hours and came back in the rain with 12 keepers. We have other groups here fishing but no reports from them yet. Still finding asparagus and some mushrooms. We are supposed to have some nice weather this week so come on up!!

June 7, 2013: John is here with his son Jake and they have been hammering the walleyes for 3 days. He says they "killed em" on Wednesday catching around 200 fish including 9 slot fish with one at 25". Jake caught a beauty 27" walleye on a pink/white 3/8 ounce jig tipped with a frozen shiner. Way to go Jake!! I couldn't get his picture to post but will try again. They anchored in 15 feet of water and fished the same depth each day. They went through 21 dozen shiners the first day! Thursday they caught 80 fish including a 24" walleye and a jumbo perch. Mark & Ronnie went with Red out of Zippel Bay and tried that area but it was slow so they headed down to Morris Gap and Pine Island area and got into the fish. Mark released a 36" pike plus they caught 24" and two 26" walleyes. They had a great week of fishing and really had a fun time!

June 3, 2013: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEGAN FISCHBACH!!! Mark & Ronnie went out on their own fishing out front trolling with shadraps and did well. They came in with some fish around 3pm, had a fish fry and went back out for more. Yesterday Pete ran a charter taking out Mark, Ronnie & Brian. They bait fished and caught their limits plus put back lots of slots. Pete released a 27" walleye and they also put back 22", 23" and 24" walleyes. They used live mninnows, frozen shiners, and when they ran out of that they used their leeches and crawlers and caught some more. Still a little slow for catching them on crawlers. Came in with some saugers also. Merlin, Sherry, Carrie & Jake had a good afternoon coming back to shore with 19 keepers, all their walleyes and a few saugers. They used frozen shiners and anchored. Still finding asparagus and Matt found over 100 morels!  

May 29, 2013: Crystal, Ella, Eain, Jesse, Austin & Jenny just got in from fishing. They did well bringing in around 20 keepers with some nice ones in there. Eain also caught a pike.

May 27, 2013: Good bite back on after the weekend. Deb, John & Mona are having a great fishing trip, catching lots of nice eater fish and taking home some nice 18-19" keepers. John caught a beautiful 30 1/2" walleye this evening just before dark. He is getting the fish mounted. Way to go John!! Craig, Donna, Steve, Wanda, Steve & Deb all had a good weekend with today being super great for getiting some walleyes. They struggled on Saturday and Sunday but today they got into them jigging with frozen shiners. Gary & Bill are also doing well with Bill saying today was their best day out. They had some nice 18-19" walleyes and also put back a couple of slot fish. Brian & Harry fished the evening bringin in 8 walleyes and 1 sauger. Brian released 23" and 24" walleyes. They said it was a beautiful evening out there.

May 26, 2013: Pete ran a half day charter today taking out Ruth, Brian, Kevin & Jose'. They had a good morning with Jose' releasing a 20" walleye and Ruth released a 20 1/2" plus Pete released a couple of slot fish. They came in with 10 keepers; all nice ones. Mandy, Wade, Ryan & Sarah had slow fishing but did get some fish today. They had 4 keepers at 13-14" and a 17" walleye. Mandy released 22" and 20 1/2" walleyes she caught on a flourescent green with orange & black eyes. Way to go Mandy!! Glen & Janet had an excellent weekend getting into the fish on Saturday and Sunday. They caught 32 yesterday, 48 today and 10 fish on Monday morning. They released ten walleyes in the 20-25" range plus 25 1/4" and 27 1/2" walleyes. They used jigs with minnows and said any color worked for them. Way to go you two!! Steve, Cheri & Phil had a great weekend also eating fish and limiting plus Steve released 23" walleye and a 49" sturgeon. Cheri released a 26" walleye and 40" pike. Phil released 23" and 24" walleyes plus a 39" sturgeon. They really had a blast.

May 25, 2013: Pete, Ruth, Terri & Brian went out for a couple of hours. Ruth caught a 30" sturgeon - her first one. She had fun fighting that! We alos put back 20" and 20 1/2" walleyes and kept 2 walleyes. We also threw back some small ones. We went morel hunting and found 25 mushrooms plus we also found enough asparagus for dinner. Man was that good!!

May 24, 2013: Rain finally stopped and the wind out of the northeast is finally letting up a little. Was a tough week for our people with the high waves and colder temps. The Bonneville's did really well yesterday with the group getting their limits of both walleyes and saugers plus putting back lots of slot fish. Some measurements were 22", 23", 24" and 25 1/2". Way to go!!  They said they found clean water at 25 feet of water and got some out there. They also fished Lighthouse Gap in 18 feet down to 11 feet and did well there. They jigged with live and/or frozen shiners. Mark, Bob, John kept 18 nice 17-18" keepers and released one. They stayed a week and only had 3 days of fishing but did good. Gary, Deb & Mona have been getting their limits easily while anchored in 14 feet of water out of Morris Gap. Sue, Bill, Ray and Harlen had slower fishing but they did get their limits to take home. Ron & Alexia headed home today after a week stay. They had slower fishing but ate fish and took some home. Sue, Hattie & Eddy were here during the bad weather also and had 9 keepers. They released a 20" walleye. A few people have been finding some morels the past couple days. Will have to get out and look for some. Pete just got done rebuilding the motor in his charter boat and will be putting that in the water tomorrow to take a test run.

May 20, 2013: Windy and rainy all day long. No one fishing today. Waves too big. We have gotten 3 inches so far. Lake is rising and should be back to a normal level soon with all the run off from this rain. Waiting for the mushrooms to start up as soon as it warms up a little. Hoping the blueberries will be good this year also since we didn't have hardly any last year with the drought. Clear skies for Wed and on to the end of the week. Waiting for Gary & Bill to show up and Deb & Mona!

May 19, 2013: Rainy day most of today. Mark and Bob went for a boat ride but didn't fish.

May 18, 2013: Phenomenal fishing this past 3 days with everyone catching keepers and putting back slot fish at every size! Tim & George had a great time saying they caught most of their fish at 8-11 feet of water. They jigged and also pulled shap raps in 3-6 feet of water. They released 3-4 walleyes measuring 26" plus they put back 25's, 24's and 22's. Rick, Kent, Rich, Matt and Spalding had a great weekend saying it is the best fishing they have ever experienced in the 15 years they have been coming to the lake. Rick Dahl released a 30" walleye! Way to go Rick!! They also put back 27 1/2", four 25", four 26" and a 28". Ritchie released a 28" sturgeon. Spalding released 20", 25" and two 26" walleyes. They are taking home all nice 17-19" keepers. Way to go guys!!  Yesterday the fishing was so good they cancelled their steak dinner til tomorrow so they could fish more. Mike, Gary & Gene also did excellent. Gary told me they were "crushin the fish"! They caught all sizes and said the best technique was pulling #5 shads in 6 feet of water just out front. Gary said they released many slot fish from 28" on down! Mike caught a nice 27 1/2" walleye in Bostic and they fished Zippel getting a 29" pike and 5-6 more walleyes. Ron and Alexia showed up on Friday and went out for a few hours. They came in with 2 walleyes at 17" and 18" and also a limit of pike. Today they caught lots of 17" walleyes and their biggest measured 18". They brought in 5 walleyes and one pike. Brian ran a half day taking out Greg, Nick and Paul. They fished in the rain but got 6 nice keepers. They were soaking wet when they got back to the docks.   

May 16, 2013: Tim & George did well today with Tim landing a 26" walleye plus they got some keepers. Mike, Gary & Gene did well yesterday. Gary caught a beauty 28" walleye right away and he also got a 25" I believe, They were in 12' of water and weren't getting any eating size fish so they moved in 6 feet of water and began getting nice 17" and up keepers. They came in right at dark. Brian ran a half day morning charter taking out Greg, Paul and Nick. Greg's sons flew in to Mpls airport; one from DC and the other from Utah. This is their first walleye fishing trip. They had fun on the boat with Nick hooking into a big sturgeon that just kept taking the line off his reel til he could see the spool. Just before he ran out of line the fish spit the hook so they never saw it. Paul released a 23" walleye and they came in with 6 nice keepers from the Morris Gap area. For the afternoon they headed down to Zippel State Park and fished off the pier. Greg caught two nice pike around 24" or so and he also caught a nice 27" walleye! Way to go Greg! He said he was surprised to catch such a big walleye while casting out with frozen smelt. Today was sunny, light wind and high of 70 degrees. We are waiting for the morels to start popping up; should be soon.

May 15, 2013: Weather has turned georgeous here with light winds and highs in the 70's this week! Fish are still biting. The strong south winds we had earlier this week pushed all the ice across the lake to the north. We now have open water as far as we can see with binoculars.

May 13, 2013: Cory, Randy, Terry & Collin spent the weekend pulling in lots of walleyes. They ate fish and took home fish saying Saturday was cold and Sunday much better. Collin caught lots of fish this weekend. They put back 15-20 walleyes measuring over 22". Randy released two 28 1/2" walleyes and Cory also released a 28 1/2" walleye. Way to go guys!! They said orange jigs and also gold were good colors plus a glitter jig. They had a great time.

May 12, 2013: Fish still biting and much warmer today with a lighter wind. Greg, Travis, Josh and Rich went home with their limtis. They said they caught 14 big walleyes this weekend. White, gold and pink were the hot colors for jigs. Brian, Terri & Pete went out for a couple of hours from 430 pm til 6pm. Brian caught a keeper sauger and Pete got a nice keeper walleye at about 18". Terri didn't get any bites. All boats around us were catching fish but seemed to be a little slower bite today. Everyone is going home with their limits.

May 11, 2013: Just enough room for everyone to fish in the Morris Gap this weekend. Ice is out in Four Mile Bay, Lighthouse Gap, Morris Gap, Zippel. Cold this morning with a low of 25 degrees and very windy out of the northwest. Frost on the roofs. Lots of people fishing and the bite was pretty good this weekend. Greg, Josh, Travis & Rich fished the weekend and had a great time. Their first trip out they caught several slot fish with Greg catching 9 walleyes; all too big to keep! They said they had lots of 22" fish and up to 26". They came in with a dozen keepers and had a fish fry. This evening they went shallower in 6 ft of water on the southwest end of Pine Island getting into the keepers and limiting. Live minnows and frozen shiners are being used mostly. Cory's group is also fishing and came in with 10-12 keepers by this early afternoon. They were headed back out for more in the evening. 

May 8, 2013: Finally getting some warmer weather up here the past few days with highs in the upper 70's. Today is a bit cooler out with high in the 60's and a northwest wind. Is a little chilly with that big chunk of ice still out there on the lake. The Rainy River had been busy with the sturgeon season which just ended. Our bay has open water all the way out to Four Mile Bay and you can get out to the "washout" according to Tom from Randall's Resort. I just spoke with him and he said he took a boat out to 19 feet of water on the lake yesterday but there is still ice in front of Pine Island and most of the lake. Pete and I went looking for spawning nothern pike and saw a few heading up the ditch a couple of nights ago.

3 Amberjacks on left, big tuna center and 70 lb tuna to right of Pete.That's the Mississippi River in the background. 

We had a fun spring vacation this year taking our camper down to the panhandle area of northern Florida and staying at Santa Rosa Beach for 3 days. The weather got colder with rain coming for several days so we headed west into Mississippi and stayed at a state park that was wiped out by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. We wanted to see what the area looked like since we had stayed there just prior to the hurricane. The park was open and the guys told us it took 5 years to get the park cleaned up and reopen. It sits right on the ocean near Waveland and Pass Christian. You can tell they had a hurricane. Some have rebuilt totally while some have not at all with the only thing left being the cement steps for the front entry. Some homes still are in need of some repairs. The next day we experienced 70 MPH winds off the ocean with rain. The waves were slapping across the highway and made travel difficult for a couple of hours til it died down. We stayed there a few days and then headed into Louisiana as we were only 45 miles from New Orleans and our friends Shaffer & Tami were staying there. Some of you must remember Shaffer who worked the ice for 3-4 years. We visited the French Quarters a couple of times and rode the ferry boat across the Mississippi. That was fun! Then we camped south of New Orleans at the end of the highway where the Mississippi River empties into the ocean. The 4 of us booked a charter for tuna fishing and had a blast! Captain Josh took us out of the river to the ocean and went 50 miles out where we fished around oil rigs in over 6,000 feet of water. Terri got a bite, had it on awhile and lost the fish. Then Pete caught a small bonita and he also caught a barracuda. No more bites so we moved in shallower (650 ft) to another oil rig. Pete caught a yellow-fin tuna around 70 pounds. Then we moved to another rig where a couple of other boats were already fishing. We started getting amberjacks right away with Terri catching one around 70 lbs. Shaffer caught one around 60 lbs and Tami caught one at around 50 lbs. While Terri was battling her amberjack a tuna surfaced near the boat, eating the dead bait our first mate was throwing overboard. The captain baited a hook, threw it to the fish and he took the bait - FISH ON!! Shaffer took the pole and fought the fish for about 15-20 minutes, then said his arms were numb and handed it off to Pete. Pete fought the fish for another 30 minutes or so and finally got it to the boat. It weighed in at 130 pounds!! What an exciting day! We brought in 3 amberjack and 2 yellow fin tuna to the docks and had the big chore of cleaning and packaging them all. We couldn't fit all the meat into our two coolers so we asked Josh if he knew anyone who would want some fresh fish. He told us he knew of some families in the area that would appreciate the fish and said he would get it to them. It was a long and fun day of fishing. They leave the dock at 6am and bring you back to the docks around 6pm. Was late getting back to the campgrounds so we had tuna the following night on the grill and man, is it ever good. We started to head north towards home the next day but took our time as our family told us they were getting another foot  of snow and to stay on vacation. We stopped in Missouri on the Elk River and spent 3 nights there before heading back. We also did a tuna BBQ when we returned back to MN and invited some friends and family over. Everyone enjoyed the meal. The next day I made tuna sandwiches out of the leftovers with mayo and pickles and it is the best tuna fish sandwich you have ever tried!





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